Basic Training Every Cat Parent Should Teach Their Cat

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We will be gauging through some essential cat training tips that will help cat parents in training their beloved kitties.

Basic Training Every Cat Parent Should Teach Their Cat
Basic Training for Cats

Cats are extremely independent animals, but even they need some kind of training. Though training a cat is by no means an easy task, but with a little bit of patience, you can successfully train your feline friend.

Anyway, speaking of cat training, it is a vast subject matter, which is why we will be focusing on the basics.

Basic Cat Training Tips

These essential tips will help you in your mission to successfully train your cat. Read through them carefully.

Litter Training

Teaching your cat how to use the litter box can be frustrating and may take a while for your cat to use it properly. There are many things to take note of while litter training your cat. They are as follows:

i) The litter box should be placed in a quiet and easily accessible location. However, do not place it very far away because cats simply don’t like that!

ii) Shorty after meals put your cat in the litter box because that’s that time when they normally empty their tanks. Doing this frequently will make the cat realize that the litter box is the place where he needs to be when he wants to take a dump!

iii) Ensure that you keep the litter box clean because cats prefer using a clean place to do their business.

iv) Cat litter comes in many different varieties and cats have their own preferences when it comes to things like these. Thus, provide your cat with a litter that is most suitable to him.

v) Always reward your cat when he manages to use the litter box the way it should. This will encourage him to use it the correct way more frequently.

vi) Last but not least, never punish your cat for accidents that occur outside of the litter box. Doing so can discourage the pet and he may refrain from using the litter box in the future.

Behavior Training

There are times when your cat does something that you don’t want them to do. It’s understandable, but such kind of behavior can be controlled by training your cat. For that, you will have to keep these points in mind.

i) First things first, you will need to understand why your cat is behaving in the way it is. To you, it may seem an unwanted behavior, but to your cat, it might be a perfectly reasonable one.

ii) Secondly, if the behavior is regarding furniture scratching, then it may be because of instinct. And such behavior is hard to overcome, which is why you’ll have to think of a replacement for the furniture. Feliway for cats is the ideal replacement and such a product can be purchased from any pet care store.

iii) Use positive reinforcements when training your cat. Giving him a treat or two for good behavior will help in the training process.

Aggression Training

Sometimes while playing with your cat, he can get carried away and become aggressive. This might lead to biting or scratching. To train your kitty from behaving aggressively, you’ll need to apply these tips.

i) While playing if your cat bites or scratches you, startle him by making a loud noise. You could also clap your hands. This will make him stop.

ii) Right after that, simply walk away from there.

iii) Keep doing this whenever your cat bites or scratches you. Eventually, your cat will understand the consequence of his actions and will refrain from biting or scratching in the near future.

So these are the basics of training your cat. Moreover, make sure you begin the training process with the litter box training. After that, you can carry on with the other training sessions.

Joshua Scott
Joshua Scott
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