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Angelfish: Characteristics, how to raise and care for them

In this article, Ken will introduce to you how to raise and care for angelfish at home. As well as learn about the characteristics of this beautiful freshwater aquarium fish.

By Ken aquariumsPublished 25 days ago 4 min read

To help readers learn and quickly reference "Learn about angelfish - a unique fish in aquariums", in the article "Angelfish: Characteristics, how to raise and care for them" the author has included Provide detailed information as follows:

Angelfish is an extremely unique fish and attracts the attention of many aquatic lovers. This article will explain in detail the basic characteristics, how to raise and care for angelfish, and interesting stories about this fish. If you are looking for information about angelfish, let's read and explore!

Below is all the information and knowledge you need to know about "angel fish" compiled by our team of authors. Below are the contents that we will answer in this article.


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Content included in the article:

Angelfish: Characteristics, how to raise and care for them

Angelfish is also known as angelfish. This is a beautiful freshwater ornamental fish that many people choose to raise at home.

1. Information about angelfish

1.1 Biological characteristics

1.2 Popular angelfish strains today

2. Techniques for raising and caring for angelfish at home

2.1 Water environment

2.2 Fish pond

2.3 Food for angelfish

2.4 Some common diseases when raising angel fish

Egyptian Angelfish - Majestic and majestic beauty

1. Are angelfish easy to raise?

Angelfish are fish that live in schools mainly in freshwater. This fish has a special swimming style, swimming vertically. Having a round shape (similar to a discus fish), their dorsal fins, pectoral fins, and pelvic fins are long, making their swimming style slow, soft, and gentle.

Angelfish are very diverse, some of the most popular species are: Black striped angelfish, white angelfish, Albino angelfish, golden sequin angelfish,...

Angelfish have an average level of difficulty in raising. However, this is a fish that is not recommended for beginners. This fish requires a large tank with a stable water demand. In addition, they can also attack some small fish.

However, Angelfish can still be attacked by some small fish, typically tiger bards and fish of the tetras family. These small fish have a habit of nipping at the fins of large fish and Angelfish easily become their victims because of their slow swimming speed and long fins.

2. How to raise and care for angelfish


Angelfish tanks should be spacious tanks to allow the fish to move easily. When designing an angelfish tank, it should be noted that the height must be at least 50cm, and the tank must be large enough for them to freely swim with their long, graceful fins.

The best tank volume is 100 liters or more, on average, raising 6 fish requires 400 liters.

The aquarium should be placed in a quiet, cool place and not directly affected by sun or rain. Fish tanks need to be regularly aerated with oxygen. Angelfish are quite sensitive to the water environment, so each time you change the water you should only change 1/4 of the tank, the water must be old water (water that has been drained and left overnight).

The fish tank should have more rocks, gravel, and aquatic plants.

Water Environment

The water in the tank is extremely important to most angelfish strains. With angelfish, you do not need to change the water every day, just change ¼ of the water every week. Note, the amount of water replaced must be dechlorinated and clean.

Do not pour out all the old water, as this will cause their living environment to change too suddenly and the amount of oxygen in the water to decrease. Repeatedly doing this will cause the angelfish's health to weaken and lead to death. The ideal water temperature for raising angelfish is from 25 to 28 degrees Celsius, the ph level is from 6.0 to 8.0 and the water hardness is from 9-25.


Most ornamental fish species often like to eat artificial seeds. However, angelfish are the exact opposite, they absolutely hate this type of food. Their food is small fish, small shrimp, larvae, worms, worms,...

Fish eat very little, you should only feed it once a day with a moderate dose, even if you forget it for more than a week it can still survive.


- You should not keep Angelfish with ornamental Pufferfish. Because puffer fish can nibble off the entire tail of Angelfish, causing them to lose their aesthetic appearance. In addition, Angelfish should not be kept with small sized fish. Because they can be food for this fish. Fish species that should be kept with Angelfish are grouper fish, Hong Kim fish...

- Fish can reproduce after 1 year and usually choose the rainy season. Therefore, when you see a female fish showing signs of a big belly and about to give birth, you should take the whole pair to another tank.

Above is all the necessary information about angelfish for those who are getting into aquariums for the first time. KEN believes this article has helped you get a general overview of angelfish. At the same time, you can answer the question: Is it easy to raise angelfish? Or how to raise it, right? These angelfish will no longer be difficult to raise when you pay attention to the above things.

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