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A visit to the vet

In Sonsie's own words

By Conny ManeroPublished about a year ago 4 min read

One moment I was sleeping peacefully, the next I heard mom say “Dieter, can you get the cat carrier?”

“The big one or the small one?” he asked.

“The small one,” mom said.

Oh oh, this could only mean one thing … I was going into that carrier. It’s a logical deduction, Holly, Halley, Greyson and Nic are too big to fit into the small car carrier, so it had to be me. If the small cat carrier was needed, why was it needed? Where was I going?

I heard the word vet a few times and I knew that word, the vet was a doctor. The last time I had seen the vet that man had stuck a needle in my leg. Oh hell no, I wasn’t going back there.

But young and small as I am, I had no say in the matter. Before I could protest, I was scooped up and put into that box. My big brother Nic didn’t trust the situation either. As soon as he saw what was happening, he came to take a look. His face and meowing said it all … what’s happening? Where are you taking Sonsie? Is she coming back?

Without any explanation, I was taken out of my home, carried down a corridor, down an elevator, and into a waiting car. I started protesting in earnest now, crying my little heart out.

“Ssst,” mom tried to shush me, but I was having none of it. I cried even louder.

“What’s in the box? A cat?” the driver asked.

I rolled my eyes. no, a giraffe, I wanted to sneer.

Where were the man’s brains? Judging by the size of the box he should have known that I am a kitten, a cat wouldn’t fit into something this small. Some people!

“A kitten,” mom said, who obviously had more patience with idiots.

“She’s got quite a voice on her,” he remarked.

Hm, well he hadn’t heard anything yet. As we drove and drove I cried louder and louder, really turning up the volume. And there was no shushing me. The more mom said “Sonsie, be quiet” the louder I sang my rendition of All by Myself, giving Celine Dion a run for her money.

Anyway, the car turned left and left again, then right and right again, and eventually stopped. Mom got out of the car taking me with her. I recognized the grey low building immediately … yep, this was the vet’s office.

I was carried inside and it was not nice there. I could see three enormous dogs and they looked anything but friendly. They had such large mouths and enormous teeth, they could have swallowed me whole. Fortunately, we weren’t there for long. After only a few minutes I was taken into a smaller room.

Mom took me out of the carrier and held me close. I was trembling so hard I swear my teeth were shattering. Any moment now that doctor would come in and then what?

And yep, there he was. He came in with a cheerful “Hello baby”, but I wasn’t fooled. Something bad was about to happen, I could feel it in my bones. And I was right. After a quick exam, he went out and came back in holding a big needle. Good lord, couldn’t he find anything smaller?

"Are you ready for your second vaccine, Sonsie?" he asked. Sonsie, brace yourself I thought. The vet stuck me with that needle and … actually, it wasn’t so bad, I hardly felt it. Then he checked my teeth and my ears, and cut my nails. “All done,” he said. Well, he only had to say that once, quick as a flash I jumped into my carrier and mom closed the lid.

Back in the bigger room, there were now even more dogs, big dogs. One of them walked up to my carrier and sniffed. I hissed at him. My message was clear … don’t mess with me buster. If I could handle a man with a big needle, I could certainly handle a dog with an attitude.

“Look at that little snowflake there,” I heard a woman say. “She’s the size of a ball of yarn and she’s hissing at a big Labrador.”

What was she calling me? A ball of yarn! Yeah, but a ball of yarn with sharp teeth and even sharper claws. Would she like to feel them? Just as I was getting ready for battle, mom scooped up my carrier and took me outside and we got into a car. Good, we were going home.

Once home I got a warm welcome from Nic. He was so happy to see me, he licked my head, my eyes, my nose, and my ears. The others merely sniffed me, but I dare say they were happy too that I was back.

Mom gave us all our dinner, and then I had a quick wash and went to sleep. I was utterly exhausted and if I never see the vet again, it will be too soon.

(To be continued)


About the Creator

Conny Manero

Conny is the author of Waiting for Silverbird, Voice of an Angel, Lily, Kitten Diaries and Debbie. Contributor to various hard copy and online publications.

She lives in Toronto with her son and cats.

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