A Letter to Our Companion

by Maille Maloney 12 months ago in humanity

Always remember, we love you.

A Letter to Our Companion

I’ve had you since you were exactly three weeks old. I was four months away from having my little blessing and I thought, the perfect thing would to have a kitten grow up along side her. Statistics seem to show that a child is happier when there’s a companion by their side. You were that. And so much more.

From the day I picked you up, and held you in my hands, I knew I was blessed to have crossed your path. For two weeks I had bottle fed you, every night was the same little pitter patter at the exact same time as usual when you grew hungry. When you got big enough to sleep with me in the bed, you cuddled up to my neck, and wouldn’t move. I felt like the whole world made sense. When you were old enough to sleep with me in my bed I started your potty training. I was so proud of you. It only took you two times to figure out where you needed to go. Eventually you grew up and met your best friend.

When we brought her home you clicked with her immediately. You never left her side, and you slept with her every night. When she would cry you always stood by her until she was all better. You aren’t just a friend you’re a companion. When I felt sick or sad, you always came to snuggle up, even if it was just for a few minutes. Your best kitten friend was that big orange thing you always liked to terrorize.

Because you were so little mommy always came to the rescue when he’d finally get sick of you nipping at his tail. It’s almost like it was yesterday when you depended on me for everything, learning how to walk steadily, learning how to jump and play.

My favorite memory has been watching you grow. Seeing you leap from counter to counter onto the top of the refrigerator. I’d say the biggest accomplishment in my life was nursing you until you had control of your own little body. I’ll never forget every thing you did. Because no matter what you did you brought joy into it.

I think one memory I’ll never forget is when you learned how to purr and meow just like your brothers. When I heard you purr for the very first time, I knew there was a reason I had found you. Not for my own happiness, not for your own good, but because this was our destiny. Our journeys of life. We crossed paths for a reason. Now you’re seven months old and because you’re just a kitten, and were up to no good, we got horrific news. You’ve eaten something that won’t pass. There’s two options, You need surgery, or I have to put you in gods hands. Originally you were supposed to be a gift for my daughter. And originally you were supposed to grow up with her, but as time progressed, I’ve loved you like no other. You’ve become mine.

I feel selfish that I’m holding onto you, in hopes you will pass this, but in the back of my head I know in a few days I’ll feel the sorrow, and we’ll have to say goodbye. You’ve became a part of the family, and you’ve touched mine and the baby’s life. If for some reason you can’t make it out, I hope you know how loved you are, how much joy you brought us, and how missed you will be. Tuxie you are such a great pet, and a better best friend. We love you dearly. Thank you for being the best.


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