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A Girl and Her Horse

by Keila Aartila 5 months ago in horse · updated 5 months ago
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It's the little things

A Girl and Her Horse
Photo by Anastasiia Krutota on Unsplash

(This is a short character/scene development. How did I do?)

The girl pulled on her breeches and paddock boots, along with her favorite warm-weather riding shirt. The sun had risen, but the house was still quiet.

After yesterday’s rain, the grass was washed green and fresh. Today, the sky was a clear blue and the sun shone bright and hot on this summer morning. The girl hurried down to the paddock.

The horse saw the girl and walked to the gate with a dramatic shake of his head, showing off his long mane. As soon as he approached, she stroked this lovely neck with a kind hand, reveling in the scent of horse flesh; immediately falling into a sense of joyous peace. She haltered her horse, leading him to the grooming area outside, next to where she kept all of the grooming and riding equipment.

She started currying the horse to loosen up all the mud from his rolling in the wet dirt and grass, then she took the bristle brush to his coat, expertly flicking the dirt away. She picked the debris from his hooves and removed the tangles from his thick mane and tail, before going over his dark coat completely with the finishing brush.

She stood back then and admired the beauty in front of her. She smiled. The black coat gleamed in the sun. His healthy muscling highlighted by the natural light.

Now they were ready to ride.

She carried the saddle and pad from the tack room, placed it on the horse’s strong back, and tightened the girth. Then she went back for the bridle, carefully placing it over his lowered head while sliding the snaffle bit gently into his mouth.

She led him over to the mounting block, adjusted the tightness of the girth again, and fastened her own helmet before settling into the saddle. Picking up the reins, she signaled with a "cluck" for him to pick up a walk. They started forward, headed for one of their usual trails – a quiet path through welcoming trees.

They trotted in solitude down the lane surrounded by a tunnel of green, the canopy overhead dappling them with patches of shade and sun. She enjoyed nothing more than the sound of shuffling hooves on the gravel, along with the summer serenade of birds.

She appreciated the great power under her quiet control. She silently thanked the horse for his obedience and companionship. Their relationship was special; it relied on mutual trust. A wordless, but meaningful communication developed through intention, tone and body language.

Too soon, it was time to head back to the yard. She turned her elegant mount to head back in the direction they’d come. He willingly complied, and they ambled home.

Back in the yard, they went through the whole process in reverse. She dismounted, removed her helmet and led the horse over to the grooming area by the tack room. She carefully slid the bridle from his head, replacing it with the halter, she ran the stirrup irons up on each side of the saddle. She undid the girth, removed the saddle and pad, then put everything neatly back in its place in the tack room, where she grabbed a brush. With skilled attention, she flicked away all the dirt and sweat marks attached to the horse’s coat from their ride.

When she was satisfied with the results of her brushing, she led the horse back to his pasture and turned him loose. He immediately pawed the ground and rolled. He got up, shaking dust vigorously from his neatly groomed coat.

The girl just smiled and shook her head. They would repeat the process tomorrow.


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Keila Aartila

Wife of a very tolerant husband and Mother of one teenage daughter in far northern Wisconsin with too many pets.

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