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A Bird Does Birds Things

by J.E. Wyatt 3 years ago in bird
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Journal 1

What is a bird, what could its existence be within our special planet? This existential question might pop some ideas. That birds are special because they contribute by beauty. They help the environment when a bird comes to help plant reproduction. A bird is a bird, a bird is a bird doing bird things upon a tree or a snowy tundra. Birds are a peculiar set of animals with males being elegant for the female counterpart. With flashy colors and dances, they gladly whirl and twirl to reproduce for the species. Pretty pink hues march together on the flat land when born. A flamingo steps in an odd way, leading the way for the newborns. With their brownish coloring, their tiny feet walk ready to mimic the color of their elders. Greenish with blue vibrantly spread upon the eyes of humankind once they notice a peacock. Another male bird with a job of slaying the heart of a woman with beauty. Humans are different from birds when it comes to gender roles. As peculiar nature is, another existential question appears. A bird is a bird isn't that enough for humans. Well, as fantastic as this world is answers to the inner mechanisms are curious. A bird upon flight doesn't fear for its own life. A bird doesn't understand the human influence on habitats they prosper in. For the flight, a bird has learned about it from parents. Trial by fire, guarding the baby birds, but also handing them a future. Soaring the blue compliments each feather to the ones that are gifted with flight. Those unlucky make life upon the earth catching fish or whatever delicious something that is nearby. A penguin doesn't think of flight but survives within its environment leaking information on the young penguins. The ostrich proceeds to appear hilarious while they search for food. Land or air a bird can still be a bird laying fruitful eggs or placing them on dirt. An egg is a form of life growing ready to be pinkish, brownish, or blackish. Birds are beauty within a world of toxic gases and poisons. Negatives could be they shat on your car before work or attack you when agitated. Birds choose to be themselves without guessing otherwise. They fly above us singing bird songs of joyous freedom. That might be the reason for people wanting to take flight. Flying appears to be freedom without bounds holding someone down. A bird is a bird, birds do bird things and maybe humans could appreciate them often.

I have seen a couple of birds recently and I am going to announce that birds are unique. I see birds sitting on their branches sitting elegantly without care. Colors such as bright yellows and reds fly above us and some don't appreciate this as much. Animals are here on this earth along with us human beings, a friendly relationship mostly. Still, all animals aren't a bird and that is a shame since they have wings, beaks, and feathers. Attributes don't make the bird, but what makes them unique is behavior. A bird feeds its young in a process of regurgitation, birds migrate in groups, and they sing. Someone's house pet might sing a few songs such as the domesticated dog and cat. Their wild counterparts don't partake in this activity when birds of the wild kind will. It is in their DNA to sing out in the forest or snowy lands full of foxes. When a bird passes by or is tweeting its heart out on a tree near. Just give a little gander at the creation named bird, and perhaps snap a photo.


About the author

J.E. Wyatt

I have always been a story teller and a author at heart. Today I practice my craft with poetry, short stories, and novels. I'm here to share stories with everyone and I hope you enjoy. I will be writing fluidly from horror to poems.

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