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A Best Friend

My companion

By Melissa ClewsPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

I’ll never forget the day I received the phone call... “Hello”, I answered. The other end of the line was a man “Hello, Melissa?. This is John. Your puppy is here.” I was ecstatic with excitement. I quickly run to my car driving off with the excitement of a child on Christmas morning. Thoughts of what my new puppy would be like rushed through my mind. Pure joy and excitement filled my soul.

Finally, what seemed like forever. I arrived at the pet store. Anxious and excited I walk in searching for the owner, John. “John”, I call out. I hear a faint voice “back here”, he replied. Walking to the back of the shop finding John in the aquarium section, I quickly pleaded with him to see my new puppy. “Oh, please John hurry. You know I have zero patience and I’m so happy.” “Yea, yea” he replies. “Let’s go meet your new puppy” he muttered. Skipping behind him like a schoolgirl I couldn’t contain my glee.

At last there she was sitting in her own outside cage. It was love at first sight. She looked up at me with the saddest Labrador Retriever eyes I’ve ever seen. My heart melted. I paid John and took my new black Labrador Retriever home with me.

First thing is first, she needed a name. Naming your new puppy is never easy. But just one look at her and it was perfect. I named her Sasha. She had long clumsy legs. She runs and trips stumbling down the hill, causing me to giggle at her puppy like ways. Her love for running, hiking and playing is engaging, filling my brain and heart with memories and love, and my days with laughter not to mention. Her long floppy puppy ears and her sneaky way of giving big wet puppy kisses never failed to entertain us for hours. She never needed to be told to make us laugh, or make us happy, she was Sasha and she knew how to fulfill the hearts of every family member. She brought joy to every person she met, on every walk, on every errand stop, and even at our local post office. Sasha was there to put her two big clumsy paws in the bank counter for bones or the post office desk for cookies. She knew where to get the goodies. The neighborhood loved her, knew her by name.

As the years pass Sasha has become more than a dog but a family member. Her compassion when a family member is hurting is uncanny, she never leaves your side. One instance I can clearly remember is when my son’s father passed, she never left my son’s side. Easing his broken heart she layed by his side for days, never leaving him lonely.

Sasha has protected our family in the face of danger. She has been a comfort in time of need, a protector of a family, and a great dog. She warns us of upcoming danger and barks to go out and to come back in. She has learned many tricks such as walking herself with her own leash, stopping at corners to look for cars, and many other cool commands. She has brought happiness to a family that was broken at a time when we needed her most, never judging us.

No Sasha isn’t a person, she is someone I admire. As Sasha was in renal failure in her last days, she never cried out in pain. She still stayed strong and made sure her family came first. It wasn’t until she could no longer walk when her battle was over. I admire the unconditional love Sahsa had for this family; right up until the day she passed away. I admire her dedication to a family for bringing us great memories and the life we never knew until we adopted her. May Sasha cross rainbow bridge and find her peace that she deserves. I’ll always miss my best friend. Never did I think I would lose my best friend so soon.

Take each day an apprentice it. Our pets are our family. They love us without judgement or ridicule. Tbey truly are the bearers of unconditional love.


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Melissa Clews

Always keep you face towards the sun and you will never see the shadows that fall behind ~ author unknown

There isn’t a lot about me. A retired nurse a jack of all trades and a master of none. Writing has always been a passion of mine.

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