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7 Reasons a Dog Will Bring More Joy to Your Life

Dogs Will Bring Happiness

By Indy SummersPublished 5 years ago 3 min read

Any dog owner will tell you that the time they spend with their tail-wagging friend is responsible for much of the joy in their life. In fact, eight out of ten dog owners say the greetings from their dogs make it easier for them to awake in the morning. Seven out of ten people say they are happier because of the dog in their life and 93 percent of dog owners polled say they are better people because they own a dog.

But just what is it about dogs that bring so much joy to people.

Improved Mood

Many studies have demonstrated the ability of pet ownership to cause a more positive outlook on the circumstances of your life. There is even evidence that pet ownership combats symptoms of depression and anxiety. One expert explains it this way: The bond that exists between humans and their dogs ignores intellect and attaches itself to the heart. This bond nurtures humans in a way that no other experience can.

Decreased Stress

Petting your dog is proven to lower the presence of the stress hormone cortisol. A study completed by the University of New York observed that individuals performing stressful tasks experienced less stress when accompanied by their dog. Similar studies have shown that stress is lowered, recovery from challenges is improved, and social interactions are more positive, when dogs are allowed in the workplace.

Relieves Feelings Of Loneliness

Dog owners possess a true friend who is always available to them and never judgemental. Even on the days when you leave bed not feeling your best, you will find it difficult to maintain a state of gloom when your four-legged friend approaches. The pooch will jump in your lap and sit quietly with you if you that is what you desire. Devoted dogs like the ones you will find at Uptown Puppies will also be happy to enjoy you in any other activity you select.

Feelings Of Love

Oxytocin is known as the love hormone. This neurotransmitter is capable of calming the nervous system and making you feel more relaxed. This chemical is produced each time you pet your dog. You will also benefit from the feelings of comfort and trust that accompany the love emotion.

Increased Social Interaction

A dog is great for a person who tends to be introverted or is simply not very comfortable socializing with others. Your dog will inevitably mingle with other dogs and this will present the opportunity to share a few words with other dog owners. The conversations are smoother due to the fact the two of you already share a common interest. After a few of these interactions, you will feel your confidence growing in social situations.

Increased Health And Fitness

A lot of the activities you share with your dog will take place outside of your home. You will take them for walks, play in the yard with them, and remain active to entertain each other. This activity will provide positive benefits to your mood and health.

Studies demonstrate dog owners contain lower levels of cholesterol and blood pressure. This decreases the likelihood a dog owner will experience a heart-related disease.

Opportunity For Self-Reflection

Dogs provide an unfiltered response to human behavior. Dogs are able to pick up on any emotions you feel and will react accordingly. When you are at the mercy of emotions like anger or stress, you may find your dog avoiding you or acting tentatively in your presence. Conversely, when your mood and behavior suggests composure and confidence, your dog will be positively affected.

Take the time to observe the actions and behavior of your dog. In the process, you will gain greater insight into your own thoughts, feelings, and actions.

The Bottom Line

Dog owners will readily attest to the fact that their lives are enriched in many ways by their dogs. The above article takes a look at seven reasons a dog will make your life more joyful.


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Indy Summers is a freelance writer interested in fashion, healthy living, and fitness. She has worked as an esthetician, as a personal trainer, and as a freelance model for several years.

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