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5 Large Domestic Cat Breeds That Will Rule Your Household

Here are five large cat breeds who will rule your house like it's their own personal jungle (and you'll love them for it!)

By Lizzie HowardPublished about a year ago 3 min read

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Life is incomplete, and no house feels like a true home until it is shared with furry companions. Choosing a pet is essential, with many things to consider before selecting a life-long friend. Amongst many animal breeds, cats remain one of the most popular choices of the masses when selecting a pet to raise. So, how does one choose a suitable species?

Why Should You Get a Cat?

For thousands of years, cats have been regarded as an important animal, the feline becoming an essential fixture in ancient Egyptian societies and worshipped as vessels of the divine. Even now, they are widely regarded as the perfect companion.

Cats are a pet seeker’s first choice because of the relatively lower effort required in their care, their self-reliance, and their affectionate yet independent nature. Dogs need baths and daily walks; cats want to be acknowledged as the true master of the house.

Large Cat Breeds That Will Dominate Your Home

There are around 70 different breeds of cats in the world, with 40 of them being officially recognized as domesticated and pedigreed. This allows for many choices for someone looking to acquire a pet cat, with each breed having its personality traits and requirements, just like dogs.

Many cat breeds fill the criteria for people wanting a giant pet for evenings spent snuggling together.

1. Maine Coon

Majestic, regal, impressive. These three words often come to mind when looking at Maine Coons, one of the giant domesticated cat breeds in the world. These sturdy felines have powerful athletic bodies and long, thick coats to keep up with their size. Perfect for first-time cat owners, they are friendly, independent, and affectionate.

2. Ragdoll

The Ragdoll earns its name because of its docile and caring nature and is a popular choice for families because of its laid-back and friendly personality. These cats also tend to grow quite big, a perfect combination with their soft fluffy fur, and remain the best replacement for a teddy bear to hold close.

3. Ragamuffin

A close relative of the Ragdoll, these cats, much like their cousins, grow up to be big and fluffy. Meek and approachable, these cats have rectangular, muscular bodies and luxurious semi-long coats, making them an attractive and tempting choice for many.

4. Norwegian Forest Cat

Initially bred when crossing wild cats with domestic ones, these felines are large, sturdy, and loyal. With a gorgeous, long, and silky coat and a beautiful appearance, these friendly and playful animals are the perfect addition to any home. They love making new friends and are very adaptable to family life.

5. Siberian

Finally on the list is the Siberian cat, a brilliant and unique breed. Used to surviving harsh climates and winters, once these cats were domesticated, they became perfect household pets due to their affectionate and sweet-natured dispositions. Large and sturdy, they have thick coats and soft fur perfect for petting and are a good fit for any family, children, and even other pets.

Challenges of Having Pet Cats

As rewarding and unique as it is to own a furry companion, cats also require some upkeep and care. While certainly not as dependent as their canine counterparts, cats require attention and time from their owners.

Although they clean and groom themselves, larger breeds with long coats like the ones mentioned above must be brushed once a day to avoid their fur from matting and maintain its luxuriant and silky nature.

Another problem with more giant cats may be the available tools required for their care. More giant cats mean more extensive beds, enormous brushes to handle their mountain of fur, and an extra large litter box for all their basic needs.

While cats can acclimate to any home despite their size, more giant cats may be more playful and need room to run around and frolic, which may become chaotic in smaller homes or apartments. Some cats also require higher enrichment activities, such as hunting games and interactive play, to keep them entertained and avoid a build-up of excessive energy.

Final Thoughts

Despite some of the challenges highlighted above, cats are still an excellent choice of pet and make lovely companions in any home. People looking to acquire an independent and loving pet will not be disappointed once they bring their fluffy feline home. With these large cat breeds listed above, every owner will be satisfied to share their space with a sweet snuggling partner.


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