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11 Most Hilarious Animal Fails

by Jus L'amore about a year ago in list

There is only one thing as funny as watching people slip, slide, and scare, and that is when animals do it. These hilarious animal fails capture every adorable and hysterical reason we love watching animals fail during the moments they are most surprised.

11 Most Hilarious Animal Fails

When it comes to life, things can get serious and stressful. That is why I find it imperative to laugh as much as possible on a daily basis! Despite finding myself hilarious, as well as my two children and husband never disappointing in the humor department, there is nothing quite as funny as a coordination mishap or non-injuring life fail! My kids couldn't agree more, which is why we play, "Try not to laugh" ALL. THE. TIME. Included in this game is watching tons and tons of videos of both people and animal fails; and honestly, we would agree in saying that hilarious animal moments and funny pet fails are by and far the most entertaining!

It's no secret that animals were born with reflexes, instincts, and senses greater than most humans, and that's what makes watching them slip, flip, and bug out all the funnier. Even the most humanly ordinary things like sleeping and getting dressed, when done by an animal, can be 10 seconds of the most hysterical thing you've ever seen. These funny pet videos are each a compilation of different animals failing in all kinds of scenarios. From fans of swimming and sports to farmers and zookeepers, there is a smile in here for everyone. So sit back, take a much deserved break, and enjoy my pick of the 11 Most Hilarious Animal Fails.

There is no way you can watch these funny animals without gasping, laughing, or awhh-ing, because these are not only hilarious, but are also insanely adorable! This compilation features animals interacting to other animals, people, and their environment, showing just how similar animal and humans actually are. Look for some of the cutest sleepy and bored dogs with expressions just like a young bored child would have. There are also hungry iguanas, squealing pigs (in an obviously excited state), and the most proud wiener dog pulling a sled you have ever seen.

For all the cat lovers out there, this one is for you. With over 26 million views on this video, Tiger Productions has collected some of the most hilarious cat moments and fails from animals that are smarter than you think they are. If you have ever wondered how a cat would react to a killer, scary, Halloween clown mask, then look no further! Or, perhaps you've wondered what would happen when an adorable kitten sees his reflection for the first time? Both moments, along with many others, will have you laughing, cooing, and contemplating the purchase of a feline for sure.

This compilation of funny pet videos will be sure to brighten your day. From fat cats and guilty puppies to two of the happiest Golden Retrievers (among the best dog breeds for your family) you've ever seen, I know I couldn't stop watching! There are also Amazon-package loving dogs, rooster vs. horse fights, and a squirrel and dog playing on a trampoline. That's right, a trampoline!

Quite possible one of my favorite animal fail videos on the list is this compilation of Dog Fail Award Nominees, featuring some of the best dog flips, slips, and tumbles. Also, a pet pup who honors his owner/bride by relieving himself on her white gown, and another frisky dog removing his owner's bikini top on a public beach. I am going to assume this was a trick not meant to be taught. All joking aside, this is the ultimate funny dog video, and will give you new ideas as to how to safely bring a new dog home and introduce them to your kids. Just kidding about that part, too, don't try any of the methods found in this video at home. One thing is for sure, you will be laughing the entire length of this funny pet video's duration, guaranteed.

Who knew farm animals could be so freaking funny? This video showed me some of the greatest sheep and goat moments I have ever seen. No, seriously, it has me considering the purchase of one. From the cutest baby goats tumbling all over (and even hiding in a dishwasher) to dogs-on-sheep rides, these animals are proving to be way funnier than any people I know! Check out 2:46 minutes in, where a goat falls from a tree. In fact, it's a tree full of goats. That's right people, a tree full of goats.

Try not to laugh or grin while you watch these adorable zoo animals scare, trick, and play with children of all ages. In our home, we can watch America's Funniest Home Videos all day long and nothing ever has us laughing as hard as cute babies mixed with wild animals when we do. These animal videos include sheep stealing food, giraffe tongues freaking children out, playful polar bears, and monkey attacks! Despite the protective glass, that doesn't stop both children and adults from screaming their faces off in the funniest way possible!

Cats are crazy, and that is all I am going to say. They have zero fear and all the confidence in the world that they can leap, climb, and hide wherever and however they want. Now, thanks to their natural-born skills, many are able to land jumps no other animal can... but then there are the times when they can't; and let me tell you, IT IS FUNNY! Don't believe me? Try not to laugh at this ultimate cat fail compilation.

America's Funniest Videos never ceases to disappoint, especially when it comes to their animal fail videos. Have you ever seen a pony dance or a dog have a skateboarding fumble? How about a dog jump ship to chase a dolphin? If not, be sure to fast forward 5:44 into the video to see for yourself. This is also the perfect example as to how the term "scaredy cat" came to be, as there are some great cat leaps and shrieks from being spooked by their owners, animals, and, of course, water.

With summer right around the corner, it's only right that we watch some footage of precious pets taking dips in all forms of water. This funny pet video compilation proves, 100 percent, how animals are way funnier than humans when it comes to cooling off in the hot weather. You have lizard drag races, doggie noodle fights, and even a pet chicken swimming in a pool with their owner. My favorite clips are of the playful pups enjoying every splash and swim, using floats, and even taking rides down big pool slides! There is no way you're not grinning ear to ear after this one!

One of the best things to ever be invented has to be costumes for pets. There is nothing more funny than seeing fur balls of all shapes and sizes dressed in a costume with absolutely no idea what the heck is going on; and for those who do, they do not seem happy about it. Anytime you stick a cat's adorable head through a pizza boy costume, making it look as if he is walking on two legs carrying a pizza in hand, there is no way you are not crying from laughing so hard. These funny pets in costume videos include fairy chickens, cowboy cats, and a football team of dogs, as well as an elephant horse, a puppy lobster, a puppy spider, and a ballerina goat to top it all off.

While most animals are known for their super speed, agility, and senses, they aren't always on the top of their game. Sometimes they are distracted by their surroundings; but after watching funny dog video compilations like I did all day, you might not be surprised to know that they can be just as clumsy as you or I. No matter if it's crashing into walls, accidentally sliding into pools, or hanging from heights for dear life, these videos will never stop being funny. Here we can see a dog's head stuck in a flower pot, a deer repeatedly running into a fence, and tons of dog and cat fails that will have you gasping out loud. Of course, you may feel a little bad for laughing, but I assure you that these hilarious animal fails are harmless, as animals are as resilient as they come!

Jus L'amore
Jus L'amore
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