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Men's tea circle

Get a taste of reality it might be the life-changing sip you have been searching for.

By Empty Poetry and VersePublished 11 months ago 3 min read

Men's tea circle

When asked why, I replied, "because Men can like tea."

However, it's not about the tea, but rather the ceremony tea can create. Sitting with my patients in the clinic I often speak on the power of herbal tea not only because of its healing properties but also its ability to cause stillness.

The energy of masculinity is often compared to the sun each day rising and setting since life had begun, never needing or being allowed to rest, its role is all too important and underappreciated.

Where the moon is always changing within its 28-day cycle, the sun shows up relatively the same each day. likewise, the activity of the day is characterized by will, sweat, grit, and endurance. With all this stimulation where can a man find rest?

This archetypal performance of the mask of masculinity would be fine if we were only spirits, energies fulfilling a symbolic goal, or even if we could ascend and become celestial balls of fire. Still, in our earthen forms, there is nothing more important than the maintenance of our mortal health, which begins with rest.

Likewise in the clinic, I often mention the true purpose of seasonal illness is not to be avoided at all costs, but rather to allow an over-taxed system a much-needed rest. Therefore, one of the best ways for us to avoid serious long-term illness is to simulate sickness by allowing ourselves periodic rest.

Now rest does not only refer to bed rest, a deep tissue massage, or even an isolation tank although those are all splendid forms. True rest as I mention here refers to a moment of pause where we can release our minds from the constant stimulation of 21st-century life.

At our tea ceremony, we sit we commune with one another on the questions of the age, namely why folks who look like us are not in these spaces. Men, and especially Black Men, what is it about holistic health that is not for us? We quickly realize that there is nothing more masculine than the self-sustaining freedoms provided by herbal medicine. Therefore, what trick has convinced us that this is not for us, and how do we go about undoing the deep hypnosis?

Herbal medicine is both powerful and unique, yet I would say as a modality it struggles with reaching the subconscious mind. For this effect, I induce a gentle guided meditation I have named the tea steam. This meditation is a psychic tool to alleviate sickness from the body by consciously removing stagnant Qi. This fundamental meditation allows us a pathway to dive even deeper into the untouched areas of our minds. Elevating us from hindering thoughts that stunt our motion in this life and the next

In the ancient world, holistic doctors were very often men, similar to the majority of MDs being Men today. The image of the mystic shaman, or medicine man with his long beard is in no way a Disney creation, this field was once dominated by masculine energies. In fact, the foundation of these healing modalities the world over is attributed to the studies of Men of the past.

Still, It must be recognized that the power of patriarchy has no doubt overlooked various female contributors to the field. As Men may have forged the healing concepts and ideologies around herbs, but it was women who practiced and dispensed medicines to the whole community through the foods they would prepare.

Come sip some tea and unearth the healing potential within yourself.

Get a taste of reality it might be the life-changing sip you have been searching for.


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