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"Amazed how his brain works": Fans compare poster for Taehyung's upcoming track 'FRI(END)S' with his broken phone from the filming of BTS' FIRE MV

"Amazed how his brain works": Fans compare poster for Taehyung's upcoming track 'FRI(END)S' with his broken phone from the filming of BTS' FIRE MV

By prashant soniPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
"Amazed how his brain works": Fans compare poster for Taehyung's upcoming track 'FRI(END)S' with his broken phone from the filming of BTS' FIRE MV
Photo by Cullan Smith on Unsplash

BTS part Kim Taehyung, otherwise known as V, is set to deliver his forthcoming single FRI(END)S on Walk 15, 2024, at 1 pm KST (12 am ET). The news caused a lot of internet based craze, as fans communicated their joy for the independent computerized discharge. BIGHIT MUSIC (presently HYBE) divulged another pink-hued banner for the tune, which shows an iPhone 6 model with a wrecked screen and harmed skeleton on top.

BTS Armed force was sharp witted to draw correlations between the banner and Taehyung's old iPhone model from 2017, which likewise had a broken screen. Remarking on the association between the two, one fan shouted how they were "astonished" by how "his cerebrum works."

Fans persuaded Taehyung's forthcoming tune FRI(END)S is about his process till now

The Most Gorgeous Second Throughout everyday life: Youthful Everlastingly, the collection highlighting the hit melody FIRE by BTS, was delivered in 2016. The tune, known as 불타오르네 or "bultaoreune" in Korean, immediately acquired fame upon discharge.

In the interim, BigHit Diversion (presently HYBE Company) delivered an in the background shooting clasp of the track, which showed that Taehyung coincidentally broke his telephone screen. The clasp additionally showed how BTS individuals praised him for joining the "Broke Telephone Crew" in the midst of giggling.

For the unversed, BTS individuals are famous for utilizing cell phones with broken shows. In 2021, during his V Live (presently Weverse) webcast, Jungkook showed his broke telephone. The Brilliant craftsman professed to have "fixed it" and could obviously utilize his telephone fine and dandy by restricting it with straightforward tape. Further, BTS part Jimin accidentally annihilated his telephone in 2017 and involved it similarly until 2018.

In the interim, attributable to his affinity for accidentally breaking things, inferable from his awkwardness, bandmate Namjoon (RM) is additionally alluded to as the "Lord of Obliteration" by his fan base. As per Jin and Suga, the BTS pioneer lost and harmed in excess of ten PDAs somewhere in the range of 2012 and 2018. Thus, they went by the moniker "Broke Telephone Crew" as an inside joke among the band's devotees.

After fans saw the most recent FRI(END)S banner by HYBE Names, they related the 2016 case when Taehyung had broken his telephone during the recording of the FIRE music video and, surprisingly, involved a similar broken telephone in BTS' travel theatrical presentation Bon Journey season 2 out of 2017.

Fans cleverly guessed about the association between his past and his present and estimated that his forthcoming R&B computerized single would be a story of his excursion up until this point.

FRI(END)S by BTS' Taehyung is supposedly a pop and R&B love tune that ganders at the imaginative narrating subtleties of the craftsman. HYBE expressed in its public statement on Walk 3, 2024, that with verses completely written in English, the Pop Soul R&B-motivated tune offers a contemporary and diverting interpretation of sentiment.

Moreover, along with the delivery date and melody title, the single work of art that went with the declaration likewise has an energetic pink scenery, possibly indicating the tune's energy. The advanced single shows up in no less than a half year of the performer's presentation solo collection Delay delivered on September 8, 2023.

Delay comprises of five tracks that are injected with jazz, contemporary pop, and R&B, and portrays the disastrous story of a darling thinking back about lost love. The collection sold over 1.6 million duplicates on Hanteo in the main seven day stretch of its delivery.

BTS Armed force is eagerly counting the days till the arrival of FRI(END)S on Walk 15, since this would be the primary performance single dropped by Taehyung while serving in the military.

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