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Your Ideal Wedding Theme Based on Your Star Sign

We’ll get the stars to light the way and offer us some useful suggestions...

By Owen MarshallPublished 2 years ago 7 min read

Getting married is a pivotal moment in one’s life. You are starting a new family, you are identifying new targets and ambitions, and you are inaugurating a new chapter into your personal history. But when it comes to organising the big day, what preparations would suit your own personality?

It is no easy question to answer, so we’ll get the stars to light the way and offer us some useful suggestions. Would you thrive in an extravagant event or would you favour a more simple, intimate ceremony? Here, we take a look at the ideal wedding themes for each sign of the zodiac.

Aries: partying and activities

As the first star sign of the horoscope, Arieans have a strong and energetic character to lead the zodiac list with confidence. You are bold, you are outgoing, and you have the ambition to make every event as memorable as can be.

“Fire signs, such as Aries, are totally unpredictable,” says celebrity psychic Inbaal Honigman. “They enjoy summer colours, lots of attractions and activities, and you can expect the unexpected.” How could anyone ever forget a wedding with plenty of partying?

With your passion and enthusiasm, you can cram your big day with fun and entertainment. In this respect, you may want to consider setting up a corner for feel-good songs and karaoke. What will you belt out with both your in-tune and off-key guests – a rocking Elvis Presley hit or a more soothing George Michael bop? A sing-along wedding packed with music and activities will tick all the boxes of the dream ceremony you’ve envisioned.

Taurus: sweet tooth and food galore

There is no hiding that a Taurus is the gastronome, chef, and foodie of the zodiac. As such, no wedding would be complete without a gratifying menu and delicious meal to launch a new, tasty chapter in your life.

To make your big day truly unforgettable, you’ll want to focus on the catering. A wedding that enshrines good food will make you – and your stomach – cherish the event for years to come. One idea could be to offer a variety of cuisines, allowing your refined taste buds to travel from Italy to India. Likewise, you may want to hire a castle wedding venue and act as the protagonist of a delicious, regal banquet.

Gemini: a social occasion

As a Gemini, you will know the struggle of experiencing contradicting emotions and desires on a daily basis. Known for concealing multiple personalities, a formal and conventional wedding may end up boring you and arousing a few yawns. Does a traditional, sit-down dinner float your boat? Maybe not.

Therefore, think about organising a more casual day that is all about socialising and mingling with your partner and guests. From piñatas and balloons to fun photo booths, there are many ways to get everyone involved throughout the celebrations. You may also want to make space for some dancing, so that you can salsa, waltz, or jive the night away with your loved ones.

Cancer: intimacy is key

Cancers are loyal, emotional, and deeply attached to their fond memories. If you are born between June 21st and July 22nd, you will find that your family and closest friends mean the world to you. As you formalise the start of a new chapter, you may want to share your feelings with just a handful of special attendees. Weddings can lay bare your sensitivity, but the right company will ensure you have the wonderful day you deserve.

An elopement wedding, for instance, could be an option that perfectly matches your personality. Indeed, it can help you focus on the love and emotions of the moment. Ultimately, an intimate and elegant ceremony, as well as a shorter guest list, would be right up your… aisle!

Leo: the centre of a glamorous stage

Lions are the kings of the savannah. Likewise, Leos are the sovereigns of the zodiac – or so they like to think! You have a warming, charming, and confident personality, and make excellent companions and friends. You also like to be the centre of attention, and will not shy away from alluring opportunities to be somewhat dramatic. If getting married, this is your chance to shine on stage.

You may want to encourage your attendees to follow a snazzy dress code and think outside the box when it comes to hats, ties, or dresses. By promoting trendy attire, you will be able to throw a glamorous wedding party in which you – of course – will be the star.

Virgo: classic and classy

Is there any other sign more accurate, precise, and detail-focused than Virgos? You will do all your best to prepare an event that is perfect in its every facet – and will no doubt succeed in your intent. However, arranging original activities will earn you some attention and possibly a few compliments, which is not necessarily your cup of tea. In fact, big rounds of applause can make you blush.

Hence, why not opt for a classic, traditional ceremony that suits your care and precision? By all means, give it your own twist too. From chocolate fountains and ice sculptures to chic and contemporary elements, you can put your own stamp on a classy, smooth wedding.

Libra: it’s all about the aesthetics

When it comes to aesthetics, Libras simply cannot resist a beautiful backdrop. Honigman, who is also an astrologer, says that air signs have a soft spot for open spaces, love the outdoors, and would simply adore pale, pastel colours. “An elegant wedding would be perfect for them,” she added.

Hence, your wedding location has to be pleasing to the eye. Why not consider celebrating this pivotal event in a foreign country, and frame these unique moments on a crystal-clear, Greek beach or amidst the picturesque and romantic alleys of Venice?

Scorpio: mystery, privacy, and surprise

Scorpios have an unconventional nature, rich in eccentricity and mystery. How could your wedding be any different? You may want to host an unusual, off-the-beaten-track event, with plenty of surprises around every corner. To enjoy a memorable day, you would probably want to choose your guests accordingly. In fact, privacy means a lot to Scorpios, and a small ceremony suits them just right.

From an intimate kiosk to a private, cosy venue, there are plenty of confined locations to choose from. Furthermore, low-lit candles and a dusky atmosphere can enhance the intimacy of your celebration for you, your partner, and the attendees. How will you surprise them? Perhaps a ‘spouse murder mystery’ may add a peculiar nuance to your unforgettable day.

Sagittarius: an innovative take on tradition

A Sagittarius has an unquenchable thirst for adventure and new experiences and is always drawn to whatever is modern and innovative. As the philosopher and free spirit of the zodiac, you enjoy coming up with alternative solutions to conventional tasks and events.

Why should you marry at the feet of an altar? Exchanging rings in front of a brick wall with fairy lights and quirky, wood additions would be a creative twist to a millennial celebration. Or why not kiss your spouse on another continent, whether in a rainforest or on a snowy peak?

Capricorn: a gothic, cultural ceremony

A smart, hard-working, and detail-oriented sign, Capricorns enjoy being intellectually stimulated – even on their wedding day. To satiate your interest in art and culture and spend special moments with your loved ones in inspiring settings, you may want to tie the knot in a historic castle or gothic church.

A day that broadens your knowledge and fills your heart is the perfect way to make a memorable celebration. Add to the atmosphere by opting for the season that best exalts the location – a snowy palace is as dreamy and romantic as it gets.

Aquarius: artsy and unique

Aquarius – you are eccentric, hard to please, like things done your own way, and enjoy questioning traditions. Why should you settle for a ceremony that doesn’t resonate with your personality? Why recite your vows and eat a meal in a standard environment?

Let your whimsical, artsy traits shine through on your wedding day. Pick a palette of numerous contrasting colours and allow for some flexibility. At first, you may want to stick to a more formal etiquette when inside the church, city hall, or on the beach. As you reach your reception venue, though, you could switch the vibe and allow attendees to express themselves in whatever fashion they wish.

Pisces: care-free and dreamy vibe

Last but not least, Pisces have a soothing, gentle, and calming presence. You love being in contact with nature, as it makes you feel as if you are swimming in familiar waters. With a care-free and green aura about you, why not opt for a ceremony in a rural location, far from the hustle and bustle of the city?

A flowery garden would also be a fantastic pick. With an explosion of colours, smells, and natural sounds, getting married in the embrace of the planet will offer you a dreamy celebration to cherish for a very long time.

So, what are your plans for your big day? Weddings are special events that are likely to reside in your heart forever. Let the stars help you organise the perfect ceremony based on your unique personality!

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