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When Should You Utilize Which Flowers at a Wedding? Real vs. Fake!


By Deepanjali KumarPublished 7 months ago 4 min read
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Without the distinctive florals of a wedding, what is it? There are usually flowers at weddings, which has been a tradition for many years and transcends all time periods. Yet just because we adore them doesn't imply that they don't raise their own set of concerns. The most important question is: Should I use real or artificial flowers?

There are several benefits to artificial floral, even if genuine ones are always lovely. Prices, the availability of specific floral throughout a season, attempts to be environmentally friendly, or even something as little as allergies. So, we made the decision to break down where and how you can utilise real blooms and imitation ones, without going over budget!

What Makes You Buy Fake Wedding Flowers?

Fake wedding floral have gained popularity in recent years, and the selections now look much more realistic. Using imitation flowers in your wedding is a wonderful way to save money without sacrificing elegance! Here are a few justifications for why artificial flowers might be used at your wedding.

Many Fake Floral Choices Available

Options for fake flowers have increased in recent years, and they now look more lifelike than in the past. Beautiful illustrations of:

  • Fabric flowers
  • Wooden blossoms
    • Hired bouquets
  • Foam blossoms
    • flowers covered in wax
  • Decorative dried flowers and more!

Here are some justifications for selecting artificial wedding flowers before we go over some of our favorite's:

Hence, here are some helpful tips that will also help you stretch your decor budget!

1) Artificial Wedding Flowers Last Longer

To seriously harm synthetic wedding flowers, much more than a gust of wind or a light rain, is required. They are made to be considerably more solid and long-lasting than any actual flower. Fake flowers will relieve you of the worry that comes with unexpected weather if you're planning an outdoor wedding, and you can relax knowing that your décor will look great all day.

2) You can buy bulk fake flowers and greenery.

Consider buying in bulk if you intend to use foliage or a wide variety of flowers at your event. If you want to decorate with garland, which is frequently used on big banquet tables at wedding receptions, this is a terrific alternative. These will appear authentic, but you will also save a lot of money by purchasing in quantity. If you're fortunate, you might even be able to sell your bulk items again after your event!

3) Maintain Eye Level Honesty

Real flowers are best for centrepieces, table settings, and doorway décor since they are at eye level. Choose the genuine article because those are the ones that will be seen and perhaps even touched.

4) Choose artificial stages and arches.

You can choose synthetic flowers for massive, distant décor settings like wedding stages or enormous arches. Not only will it drastically reduce the expense of the décor, but guests won't even notice that there are flowers there.

5) Quality Is Always Important

Even if you choose imitation flowers, make sure your decor dealer is utilizing high-quality materials. You can choose from high-quality fabric flowers or affordable plastic flowers.

6) Adhere to a ratio

Verify what areas require real flowers and what can get by with fake ones. Your wedding bouquet and garlands should only contain fresh flowers. If necessary, your bridesmaids might carry identical fake flower bouquets. Typically, the best fake to real ratio for cost control and aesthetics is 70 to 30.

7) Choose the Correct Flowers to Save Money

Make wise flower selections if you want more actual blossoms but it will strain your budget. Gendaphool, as well as any other in-season local flowers, will be far less expensive than peonies, orchids, and fancy roses. Choosing locally is more environmentally responsible, less expensive, and you get more of the actual stuff!

8) Choose non-floral components

Mix dry flowers in with your real flowers if you don't want 70% of them to be fake.

9) Making Your Own Fake Flowers

Artificial flowers are the finest if you intend to DIY some aspects of your wedding decor. Hence, you won't have to worry about the blooms' shelf life or transportation while you design your décor days in ahead.

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