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What to put in a Wedding Vow

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By Grace Gettys Published 9 months ago 3 min read
What to put in a Wedding Vow
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The wedding is more than a year away, but the stresses of planning it is already overwhelming. The To Do lists seem endless with the vision boards, pricing packages, guest lists, diys, the budget, etc. I’ve had this fairytale wedding imagined since I was a a little girl. Lately I’ve been struggling with the what ifs and the what if its not what I imagined it too be. But I have to remind myself that our wedding will be for us and not for anyone else. It’s easy to forget the endgame and that is to get married. My fiancé and I are doing private wedding vows and working on those keeps me grounded throughout the wedding planning process. They remind me why I love him so much and no matter how the wedding comes together, it will end with us married.

So what do I put in a wedding vow? The whole point of a vow is the promises that we make to each other. “Till death do us part, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer,” are some of the most prominent promises we can make. I think of what my promises as a wife are going to be. Of course they are going to be serious, but also they are going to be us. I’ll promise to be there through the thick and thin. But I also promise to stay clear of the kitchen when there is hot oil because I will stress us both out.

But what else to include? The emotions of love. I have written the what it feels like to be in love. It’s running through a soft meadow with flowers and not being afraid of stepping on anything harmful. Its knowing that if I could talk to my younger self, she would be over the moon at who we were with. She would be ecstatic to know that we would be living out a fairytale where love prevails.

I think of where I was before I met him and how we have changed throughout our relationship. Even though it’s only been two years, it feels like a lifetime. From new jobs, new cities, new states, new friends; we’ve changed and have grown into who we are today. And we will keep changing together and forever. Sure we now live in a studio apartment that we pay too much for, but we won’t be here forever. We will laugh, cry, smile, lose, win, together forever. But most importantly, we will love together.

I’ll try to pick one sentimental story out of the many I can think of. Stories that show how our love evolved and how it will continue to grow. I know that these will be private vows between us so I’ll try to keep it short, but sweet. I know that I will be every emotional that day so I will need to make sure I am not a blubbering mess.

To sum up the wedding vows, it will be full of promises, how our love feels, and how we will change with each other. It’s still over a year away so I have plenty of time to curate the perfect five minute speech. I might just create a bullet point list of all the reasons why I love him. Writing draft after draft reminds me that all the wedding stress will be worth it. The colors, the champagne, even, the dress won’t be as important in the end. It’ll feel like just us two and nothing else will matter. But of course I want it all to be fairytale dream I’ve always had.

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