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Wedding Bouquets to Add More Elegance to the Bride

by Real Flowers 10 months ago in ceremony and reception

Wedding Bouquets and their top trends you should know. Visit your local florist to choose from the wide range of collection

Over a period of time, the meaning of the bridal bouquet has considerably changed. Originally, it would have been herbal and spicy pose to keep evil spirits away from marriage in the earlier times. And later it would have been a symbol of the bride's innocence and purity which shows a marvellous appearance of the bride on her special day. These days, rather than for more symbolic purposes, wedding bouquets are typically selected for their colours and the elegance of the flowers. It adds to the beauty of the bride and elegance to the event.

Top trends in wedding bouquets:

• Bouquets with single flower

A bright colour like red, hot pink, or deep purple can stand out well against a white or ivory gown for wedding bouquets that really create an impression. Using only one sort of flower in your statement colour, such as grand prix roses, freesias, lisianthus, or sunflowers, select a plain hand tied bouquet.

• Common little pastels

With brides looking to inject some subtle colour into their wedding bouquets, pastel shades are still common. Olive green leaves will blend well with pale pinks, creams and lilac to create understated elegance in this season.

• Introducing Sparkle

To add glamour and sparkle, many kinds of bridal jewellery are making their way into wedding bouquets. Crystal headed pins are an ideal way to make the flowers glitter themselves, or you can attach pearls or beads into the bouquet on wires to make it more impressive. Other bridal accessories can look beautiful attached to your bouquet, such as wire butterflies.

• Simplicity and Purity

Many brides are looking for very simple wedding bouquets at the other end of the bouquet scale. Pure white and handtied bouquets are in trend with a single form of white flower. Thus, white roses make pure and innocent option adding a fresh fragrance.

• Posies tied by hand

This year, handtied bouquets are by far the most common wedding bouquet type, as brides try to give their flowers a more natural feeling. It is possible to tie the bouquets with a ribbon or tulle, and to fasten them with an antique brooch or a series of pretty buttons. The stems can be completely covered in ribbons for a more formal look.

Fine Option to Satisfy Your Floral Needs

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