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Ways To Have A More Intimate Wedding

by Haylee Marick 4 months ago in ceremony and reception
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Ideas to make your wedding more intimate for all involved.

Ways To Have A More Intimate Wedding
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Weddings are a milestone for all involved, but sometimes they feel really disconnected from the main focus of the bride and groom. They can also be boring for guests here are some ideas to spice it up.

A Private Last Dance

Celebrating being married is one of the best times. Everyone dancing, laughing, and just hanging out is fun, but it can take away from the bride and groom's focus. So, set a time that the party is over and have everyone leave. Whether you have a DJ or radio you pick a song after everyone is gone and just dance. The first dance of being married alone. Sounds romantic right?

Private Vows Before Ceremony

Vows are a magical time, but sometimes it's hard to express your love in front of all those people. So, make time before the ceremony to truly express without all those ears. Say what you want to say to each other.

Get Ready Together

This one is not for everyone, but it can be fun to spend all the anxiety-filled moments together and comfort each other on this huge decision. Some people see this as bad luck, but it does help calm nerves.

Private Dinner

While everyone is eating no wedding activities usually happen. So, take that time and have your dinner together but separately. Maybe even feed each other. Make it personal and keep it happy.

Disappear Together

Take a moment and disappear it doesn't have to be long. Go for a photo shoot or a walk. Something to help it all sink in and put aside a place to talk about how it's making you feel. Share a passionate kiss and just relax.

Do A Private First Look

If you get ready together this one would be a hard one to pull off, but before the ceremony, take a minute to view each other before anyone else sees you. You can even tie in doing private vows before getting hitched.

Read A Letter From Eachother

Before getting married write a letter about why you are getting married or the reasons you love each other. Something heartfelt and meaningful. Then read it before the ceremony to remember exactly why you are doing this.

Speeches About Your Partner

Make speeches about your favorite memory or how you met or something you will NEVER forget. Make it special it's something similar to vows but more fun. Intimate for you and your guests.

Light Your First Dance

First dances are intimate, but boring for guests. Spice it up. Use sparklers, lighters, candles, or something not light-bearing. Such as roses they throw when you are done. Something interactive.

Skip Traditions You Don't Want

There is no reason on your big day to have things you're not comfortable with or just simply don't want to do. So, get rid of them. Make new ones. Enjoy it the way you want to.

Do A First Look With Immediate Family

Have your immediate family there when you do your first look. It makes them feel included and you can share a special moment with them. Then you can do private vows there are many ways to do a wedding.

Dance With Your Friends

Plan a dance with your friends to make them feel included. Have fun and make them a memory along with your partners. Even better have a groomsman and bridesmaid dance battle.

Wedding Scavenger Hunt

Doesn't have to be elaborate but like talking to five people you don't know and getting their initials, dancing with the bride getting a picture. Something fun. Help make it intimate for the guests.

Whichever way you decided to have your wedding remember it's your day so what you say goes. Hope these ideas help you make this day fun and memorable. Have fun and stay intimate with your guests, but most importantly your spouse. Good Luck with your future endeavors.

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