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Unconventional Ways Of Incorporating Lotus Flower Into Weddings In Bangalore

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By Syed AtifPublished 5 months ago 2 min read
Flower Decorations

For a marriage to leave a long-lasting impression on guests and become successful, every couple plan thing. Every small element counts for the best flower decorators. While the flower decoration might change every passing year, the urge to include traditional elements like the lotus flower is more real than before.

Elements like these have reigned traditional weddings since time immemorial. Now, it is time to re-introduce them again to bring back the nostalgia and old-school essence.

Experts Explain How to Introduce Lotus Flower into Marriage Decorations

From introducing lotus motifs as the most unique mandap decoration to including real lotus flowers as centrepieces, here are some of the best ways of adding the traditional flower to Indian weddings.

Use Lotus Flowers as Exclusively Beautiful Mandap Decoration

The mandap in every Indian wedding is acknowledged as one of the most sacred spaces. By adding lotus flowers inside and around your mandap, you will simply add to the special feeling of the place. Think out of the box when considering your mandap decoration.

You can either make lotus motifs to include the flower in the mandap or make way for a lotus havan Kund. You can even ask the mandap decoration Bangalore to include suspended lotus flowers in your mandap for a jaw-dropping statement.

Lotus Centerpieces

The centrepieces might look insignificant but are the most important element, especially for your garden wedding Bangalore décor. Even the smallest details count when you are planning an elaborate wedding affair in India, doesn’t it?

This is the reason why you must choose the most extraordinary way of adding lotus flowers to your wedding. Add freshly plucked lotus flowers inside the wedding for a pretty and unique mandap decoration.

Add Lotus Motif as Your Floral Background

Nothing beats the charm of a subtle yet beautiful wedding backdrop decoration. It is a nice idea to use bold and big lotus motifs as your wedding backdrop. If you choose to create a lotus motif as your floral wall with numerous pink, red and white flowers then make sure to keep the remaining wedding décor minimalistic.

Create Multiple Lotus Flowers

If you love lotus flowers more than other florals and cannot have enough of them then choose to create multiple lotuses. You can create small multiple lotus motifs with white, red, pink and orange flower petals as the reception stage decoration using stencils.

Make Your Wedding Stage Decoration Look Like a Lotus

To help your guests talk about your wedding décor months even after months of your marriage, then this is one such unique idea to put into consideration. Ask the best wedding decorators in Bangalore to create a wedding stage decoration that looks exactly like a lotus.

Lotus Ceiling for the Most Marvelous Decoration

There's no better way to introduce the lotus flower in Indian weddings than creating a lotus motif on ceilings using fresh flowers. You can create lotus ceiling decorations either using flowers or flower petals and coordinate them with charming satin drapes for a dreamy and magical vibe.

All of these ideas help you to incorporate the lotus flower into wedding decoration in an interesting manner. Lotus is one such flower that you can introduce into weddings, for naming ceremony decoration, housewarmings, cocktail parties and more event decorations.

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