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Nothing better than a romantic love story...

By s naickerPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
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I guess from the title of this blog, you made the assumption that this is going to be one of those cheesy reads. Well, guess what? Your assumption is spot on! Well, when last have you heard a good love story? A love story filled with deep history, miracles, good fortune and fate performing at its best!

See, I knew it! It’s been a while hey? Okay, then read on….

So, I recently did photography at a wedding. I was busy snapping away, doing my thing, trying to capture all the precious moments. Then it came to the time towards the end of the wedding, the time in which both the groom and bride decided to address the guests. Both the groom and the bride stepped forward to the microphone. The bride looking into the eyes of the groom with a look of appreciation and a somewhat unbelievable astonishment that a day like this has finally arrived.

The groom cleared his throat and started speaking. He did a little vote of thanks and he thanked his wife for finally marrying him. He didn’t get into much detail about their relationship but he kept on thanking his family as well as his wife for all that she brought to the relationship.

Then it came to the brides turn to address the guests. What was about to follow, would have never been expected. The bride started off by thanking god and her parents, then she went on and she said, “Twenty years ago, this kind gentleman smiled at me and me being a shy little girl automatically smiled back. It wasn’t just a smile it was a connection, a bond, an unexplained instant love, similar to a fairy tale. The chemistry was always there from the start. However, there was one thing and at that time that one thing was the leading factor which led me to break away from Tony.

That one thing was our age. I was 22 and he was 36. Although he didn’t look or even act his age. He was always this happy-go-lucky character with a heart of gold and had a true passion for life. He was and still is the perfect guy. Unfortunately twenty years ago, I walked away due to reasons, in the bigger scheme of life doesn’t really matter. I worried about what would society say, what I would do if I outlived him. Yes, I was young at naïve. My close friend at that time told me that Tony was the perfect gentleman and that I need to follow my heart and make things work. I didn’t listen. I ended up hurting Tony and walking away. I married someone else and we didn’t live happily ever after. That marriage ended after 12 years.

The thing with Tony is that he always cared. In fact, he always loved me and he always wanted me to be happy. Tony never married, because according to him he could never find anyone to love like the way he loved me.

You may be sitting there wondering why I am going through so much detail about our past. Well, I just don’t want anyone to ever make the same mistake I made twenty years back. I was the lucky one, in that I was able to rekindle my true love. Most people are not as lucky, most people make decisions and then regret it when it’s too late. Most people don’t get to find and reconnect with that love that they once walked away from. I do regret walking away, as twenty years have gone by, but I’m ever so thankful that God has brought Tony back into my life.

To Tony, thank you for being an amazing person and never giving up on us. I’m sorry for all the pain I have put you through. Thank you a million times over for not giving up on us.”

After the bride was done with her speech, I could see people wiping off their tears. Honestly, this speech moved the guests as well as me so much. Guess it made everyone think about life and how a decision made can affect one’s life so drastically. True love can stand the test of time but it’s only a few who get to experience the fruit of this test. I hope you have learnt something from this blog, I know I definitely have!

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Remember, All we need is love and never ever give up on love!


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