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Tips for the Perfect Summer Wedding

by Carlos Fox 3 years ago in ceremony and reception
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Summer + Wedding = The Perfect Wedding

Are you considering a summer wedding? If so, it’s past time to get cracking. Fortunately, summer weather means you don’t have to book an indoor venue. But an outdoor extravaganza of that sort in New York also comes with its own set of problems. If you need to organize a wedding by summer, here are some tips to make it perfect.

Keep everyone cool.

Summer is hot and weddings can get long. The last thing you want is for the party to die down too quickly because everyone is wilting in the Long Island heat. When you go searching for “tables and chairs rental Long Island,” don’t forget to rent enough tents or canopies to provide cover all over the celebration area.

Set up fans throughout the venue and provide plenty of water stations and cooling towels. Parasols make a lovely photo accessory and also help keep the sun off. You might also consider wedding favors that double as personal fans.

Make sure there are plenty of refreshing beverages on offer. Alcohol is great, and you should provide it, but it tends to make people feel warmer. Keep the alcohol light and tropical and make sure there’s plenty of iced tea, lemonade, and water. Consider snow cones and ice pops for kids.

Think about your flowers.

Not only are flowers an essential part of your decor, they’re also crucial to your photos. But flowers are just as likely to wilt in the heat as people are. This is especially true of the ones that get repeatedly crushed as people hug each other.

Make sure you have backup boutonnieres so that everyone in the wedding party can refresh theirs as necessary throughout the event. It also pays to have some backup bouquets in case an unexpected wait causes the bride’s arrangement to droop.

It is probably not necessary to get backup table flower settings for every table, but it doesn’t hurt to have a few extras for the main tables and serving areas.

Be aware of gate crashers.

When we say “gate crashers,” we’re not talking about people here. We’re talking about bugs and other unwanted guests from New York’s lovely environment. Make sure you have incorporated anti-bug candles into your decor so you have plenty of protection without ruining the look.

Bug spray is great, but if an errant breeze blows when someone at the table is using it, bug spray can ruin cake, drinks, or food. Instead of spray, provide mosquito wipes in hospitality baskets at every table.

Ants are another worry. They are unlikely to bother individual dining tables where people are milling around, but they might go after the cake or food table while everyone is distracted. Make sure there’s someone watching and keep food and drink out of the way until it’s time to enjoy them.

Calculate your extra costs.

When you’re using an outdoor venue, it can be easy to forget the hidden costs. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Will you need valet parking?
  • Will you need any special security?
  • What is the fee for using the site?
  • Are there any fees for cleanup or maintenance or a “suggested donation”?
  • Will you need to arrange for waste services to care for the area during the event?
  • Will you pay more in delivery fees because your location is remote?
  • Will you need to arrange special transportation for older or disabled guests?
  • What are restroom facilities like and will you need to provide a solution?

All of these considerations can add up to a lot of hidden costs that hit you when you least expect them. The best way to avoid problems is to ask questions, questions, and more questions.

If you plan carefully, you can have a fun and successful summer wedding that you and your guests will remember for a lifetime.

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