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Time cannot save everyone


By kittenPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

On my list of things I hate, " two people who have been in love for a long time and suddenly separate" has to be in the top three. But most people still claim to say "I wish you happiness" and "I wish you find a better person than me". They are clearly crying behind the computer screen and are speechless, but they still try their best to pretend to be free and easy. , it really makes people want to laugh at their childish pretense, but at the same time feel sorry for them.


A couple I knew but was not familiar with once vowed that they would get married after graduation. They had not contacted each other for a long time. One day, I suddenly saw the girl’s hair state. I lamented that Singles Day was coming but they were alone. Only then did I know that they were silent and silent. The news broke up. The couple's avatars that had remained unchanged for several years were deleted, their Weibo names were changed, and all traces of the other party's past were cleared away. In her state, her friend replied, "It's okay, it'll get better after a while . " She said, "Yeah, it will."

If there is one of the simplest professions in the world, it must be that of a psychiatrist when a friend is falling out of love . Anyone can prescribe the universal prescription of "time" at will. We all think that the "universal hot water" is a joke, but as everyone knows, the same is true for the "universal time".

A few years ago, when 33 Days of Love was all the rage, some people said that Huang Xiaoxian had been in love with Lu Fan for seven years, but had forgotten that he only spent thirty-three days. In fact, these thirty-three days did not make Huang Xiaoxian forget Lu Fan, it just made her become a version 2.0 of Huang Xiaoxian, a person who no longer lived for Lu Fan, but for a better self.

I once met a girl whose two boyfriends broke up with her because of some conflicts in their personalities, which made her feel frustrated. She once said, "I thought I had forgotten it so long after my first relationship broke up, but when my current relationship broke up with me, I discovered that I was even more sad than the first time I was dumped. Those first times Memories of the breakup came flooding back and I felt like a bad person.”

All she did was not think about it, just rely on time to kill her sadness, and never found the real reason for the breakup. When she met the later one, all she could gamble on was luck.

If any period of lonely time after a breakup doesn't make you grow up, then you have wasted those nights of tossing and turning, and the suffering that suffocating emotions have brought to you. When one day you face the same situation again, it will only get worse.

Time cannot save you who is sad. The only one who can save you is yourself. What time does is just numb you and make you get used to it, but it cannot make you let go. There are some things that can be figured out in one second, and there are some things that cannot be figured out in a lifetime, and will be imprisoned in a lifetime.

What you really need is to learn to grow up over time and gain the ability to heal yourself. And all this has nothing to do with the length of time.

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  • Test3 months ago

    Your writing was remarkable, and I couldn't identify any flaws; I liked it a lot. You're welcome! Hoping your day on is accompanied by continuous smiles.

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