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The Start of a New Life

by Jenny McWilliams 2 years ago in ceremony and reception

A Different Kind of Hero

Ever since she was a little girl, she's dreamed of the day she would get married. It was the next big chapter of her life, and there was nothing that could get in the way of that. She works hard in everything she does, works extra hours to make some extra money for her big day. She quickly rises to the top, and in turn, starts helping others she works with feel comfortable in a new environment. She comes into work with a headband, ponytail, pearl earrings, tumbler of coffee, and a smile even if she's exhausted. She goes about her morning of getting the restaurant ready for opening, even if it means waking up before 5. She's quiet at first, still waking up, going through a routine she's completed hundreds of times. Starts the teas, the coffee, the ice cream machine, the lemonade, sets down chairs, cleans counters, prepares the cash till. When her coworkers come in, she greets them warmly, and rushes over to hug her friend. She prepares them a coffee, just the way they like, perfect each time. She wants to make sure her friends are happy and ready to give today their best work. She wants today to be a good day. Throughout her shift she never acts as a superior. She makes sure her coworkers have everything they need. In between cars, she slides up next to her friend and can't help but tell of the new wedding plans she and her fiancé have made. Her friends have been involved and have heard every stage of the planning. Her excitement is infectious. A year before she tells her friends of how she thinks today is the day he will propose. She tells her plans of how she and her mom are getting their nails done. The next day she comes running into the restaurant when it's still dark outside and proudly displays her left hand. Her friends can't help but squeal in excitement as they see the most beautiful engagement ring on her fourth finger. She even lets them take turns trying on her ring. She begins to make Pinterest boards of springtime weddings, gathering her ideas for her special day. She tells her friends of expensive wedding venues, ones that she loves but can't afford, until one day she comes in and tells of how she and her fiancé found the perfect place. The summer goes by, and she continues to work extra shifts, all while balancing a full-time student load. She wants to be a doctor one day to help children in need. She does it all so that come May, she'll be ready to say, "I do". She tells her friends one day how she found the most beautiful dress in the world, and how she managed to get in on sale. But she makes them wait to see this dress. "Soon" she says. "May will be here soon and then you can see it". She tells of the light blue heels she plans to wear, with the ties in the back, for her something blue. She tells of the flowers she hopes to have for her spring wedding. Weeks go by and she tells them of the struggle of getting the wedding invitations out on time. Her friends wait in eager anticipation to see the invitations and quickly block off the wedding date in their calendars. They've been part of almost every step of the planning, and there's no way they would miss the big date. A beautiful spring day, the second week of May. Alas, fate had its own plans. She sadly tells of how her bridal shower is moved a month but keeps hope that the pandemic would be over in time for her wedding. She never loses her joy. Finally she gets the news that groups of people aren't allowed to gather. She sits down quietly, crying, wondering what she can do. Everything had been perfect, and now, everything went bad. She talks with her parents and her fiancé. The disappointment is visible. She can't help but cry. But she wants everyone there to celebrate this joyous day. So after going back and forth about dates and plans, she and her fiancé settle on having an October wedding. She kisses her fiancé, excited for their new date. She tells her friends how the plans have changed due to these unforeseen times and how she hopes they can make it in the fall. A new eagerness comes to each friend, and while they are sad all her plans for a spring wedding have changed, they can't wait to gather together for a wedding she deserves so much. Rather than continue to be sad, she pours herself into her work, quickly adapting to the changes that come to her restaurant. She sends funny pictures of her mask, but she’s proud to be part of a place that genuinely cares about keeping the public safe. She always puts others needs above her own, and this proves to be no different. Even with the majority of her face covered, her customers can see her joy shining brightly through her eyes. She wants to spread light in the midst of such darkness. Because that’s just who she is. She is light. She is an optimist. She believes in the good that is possible. And this is what makes her unique. No matter what adversities come her way, she adjusts her ponytail, and says “Bring it on”. This is why she deserves to have the wedding she’s dreamed of having since childhood. This is why her family and friends will wait until October to gather with her in unity to see her start the next big adventure of her life. This is why they all wait. This is a girl who deserves nothing but the best. And this is why she will get her moment. She is a hero.

ceremony and reception

Jenny McWilliams

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Jenny McWilliams
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