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The Perfect Imperfection of Love

"Finding Love and Confidence in an Arranged Marriage"

By Taha QadriPublished about a year ago 3 min read

Once upon a time, in a small town, lived a young man named Adam. He was a charming and outgoing person who loved to socialize and had few clos friends. However, due to his family's conservative values, Adam was forced to agree to an arranged marriage.

Adam's wife, Aqsa, was a beautiful and well-educated woman but lacked confidence and decision-making abilities. She relied heavily on her sisters' advice and often struggled to navigate the new family dynamic. Adam tried his best to make her feel valued and appreciated, but he was not content with their relationship.

Adam longed for a partner who was confident yet shy and understood the importance of family, especially his mother. He tried to encourage Aqsa to take more initiative and make decisions on her own, but she remained hesitant and unsure.

Despite their efforts to improve their relationship, Adam and Aqsa still faced challenges along the way. One day, Adam 's ex-girlfriend, Hazel, reached out to him, hoping to rekindle their romance. Adam was torn between his past love and his commitment to his wife.

Aqsa sensed that something was bothering Adam and confronted him about it. Adam hesitated but ultimately told her about Hazel's message. Aqsa was hurt but did not lose her composure. Instead, she asked Adam what he wanted and how he saw their future together.

Adam realized that he loved Aqsa more than anything and wanted to be with her. He cut ties with Hazel and devoted himself to his wife.

Another challenge they faced was when Aqsa's sisters started to interfere in their marriage. They would often give unsolicited advice and criticize Adam's decisions. Aqsa did not know how to handle the situation and would often take her sisters' side, causing tension between her and Adam.

One day, Adam sat down with Aqsa and explained how he felt about her sisters' behavior. He told her that he respected her family but that they needed to establish boundaries in their marriage. Aqsa understood Adam's point of view and talked to her sisters about their interference.

Their marriage began to crumble, and they grew distant from each other. They hardly talked or communicated, and Adam felt like he was living with a stranger.

The sisters apologized and promised to respect their marriage. Aqsa felt relieved that Adam had spoken up, and their relationship grew even stronger.

By the grace of ALMIGHTY, Aqsa gave birth to a baby boy, whom they named Yaqoob. The arrival of their son brought joy to both their lives and gave them a new purpose.

As Adam held his son in his arms, he realized that he needed to make their marriage work. He started to communicate more with Aqsa and tried to understand her point of view. He listened to her fears and concerns and made an effort to address them. Aqsa, in turn, began to gain more confidence and became more assertive in her decision-making.

Slowly but surely, their relationship began to improve. They started to spend more time together and went out on dates. Adam helped Aqsa discover her strengths and encouraged her to pursue her dreams. Aqsa, in turn, showed Adam that she could be a supportive partner and a loving mother.

Through their struggles and hardships, Adam and Aqsa learned to appreciate each other's differences and work together to overcome their challenges. They grew closer and fell in love, and their marriage became stronger than ever before.

In the end, Adam realized that the qualities he had been looking for in a partner were always present in Aqsa. He just needed to help her discover them. Together, they lived happily ever after.

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