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The 10 Best Wedding Cake Decorating Books Ever Written

You can learn everything you need to know about baking your own cake with the best wedding cake decorating books ever written.

By Lizzie BoudoirPublished 6 years ago 5 min read
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Have you thought about making your own wedding cake? More and more couples choose a DIY approach to their wedding. Whatever they can do on their own, they're happy to at least try. After all, getting married is expensive. The wedding itself is a money-sucker once you sit down and look at all the expenses.

Given the tendency of modern couples to do things on their own, using the best wedding cake decorating books ever written can be the perfect solution to save money at your wedding. Why not snag one? Creating your own cake for such a momentous day will make the memories—and the pastry—even sweeter.

The Wedding Cake Book is one of the first wedding cake decorating books of its kind. It's more than just a book full of ideas and inspirations, although you can certainly use it to figure out what kind of cake you want on your big day.

However, this is a cookbook. Not only does it contain an abundance of recipes, but each cake is accompanied by detailed step by step directions to help you craft your very own wedding cake. If you or someone in your bridal party loves to bake, this book is a must. You can easily save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars by baking and decorating your own cake. Who knows? Down the line, other brides might flock to you, begging for a custom cake.

Who says you can't make a polished cake when you take the DIY approach? Wedding Cake Art and Design teaches you how to do exactly that. It's more for the pros, given the level of detail that goes into each cake design. However, it's a wonderful guide for what's in season and how to pick out wedding-friend textiles and patterns. Browse this book for inspiration on color palettes, floral accents, and more. Of course, skilled home bakers may be able to recreate these cakes based on their stunning photographs.

Any wedding cake decorating books worth their salt will take you through the creation process one step at a time. Author and pastry chef Lorelie promises to do that right in the title of her book. Although she's a professional, Lorelie provides clear, concise instructions that take you from baking the cake to the decorating process. You will learn about various cooking techniques and baking methods, pairing ingredients, what tools you need, and how to decorate your cake.

Sometimes, the old ways are the best. Certainly, a classic wedding cake is a showstopping centerpiece at any reception. Christina Ludlam authors one of the loveliest wedding cake decorating books that you'll stumble across during your planning and preparations. The book is a must-have for brides and grooms who crave a vintage vibe. Better still, you learn timeless designs using modern techniques. The author reveals everything, from covering your cake and mixing complementary colors to creating eye-popping sugar paste flowers.

Cake decorating is no simple task, which is why DIY cakes often end up on Pinterest, presented as epic fails. You need clear instructions and illustrations to help you with the project, otherwise, your desire to save money is all for naught.

You also have to search for wedding cake decorating books that go with your theme and vision. For example, a romantic fairytale wedding will benefit from a cake out of Romantic Wedding Cakes, which is written for both amateur pastry chefs and professional decorators. Expect to see ribbons, lace details, and even gold accents.

Natasha Collins put together a decorating book that's perfect for novice bakers and cake decorators. Even if you've never tried your hand at intricate decorations or used fondant, this book has you covered. Check out each chapter and their accompanying recipes. You're sure to find a design that calls to you. Best of all, every project has its own timetable, allowing you to see how long each task should take. That way, you can keep to a schedule. It may be worth making a practice cake just to test yourself.

Do you crave a cake that appears professionally made? That doesn't mean that you can't make it yourself. Plenty of wedding cake decorating books show you how to create confections that would look at home in a five-star bakery. Victoria Glass is a superior baker and a skilled sugar worker. In her book, she happily teaches you the basic techniques you need to know to bake and decorate successfully, then moves on to guide you through nineteen exquisite designs, ranging from elegant, timeless cakes to modern, colorful variations.

The book includes recipes for the actual cakes as well as decorating tips. Feel free to substitute your favorite flavors and you can even pair them with awesome wedding cocktails you need to have. It's your day, so make everything the way you want it.

Dede Wilson helps you to take your cake baking skills to the next level. Her book focuses on planning and time management, not just baking, building, and decorating. It's a fully accessible cookbook meant for any bride or groom who wants to try their hand at a DIY cake. As long as you take your time, follow directions, and mind your measurements, you can do this.

Longing for a decadent, opulent wedding cake? Step outside the norm. It's not hard to find wedding cake decorating books that highlight specific types of cakes or decorations. Faye Cahill, a renowned designer of wedding cakes, shows you the ins and outs of making a stunning metallic cake. Learn about using edible paint, gold leaf, edible sequins, delicious pearls, food-grade spray paints and glitters, and more. In addition to learning about safe but sparkly ingredients, you can choose to take on one of twelve gilded cakes that will steal the breath from every guest at the wedding.

Lace detailing on a wedding cake is gorgeous. With Zoe Clark's help, you can create a homemade but drop-dead cake that echoes the dress. Trust that the techniques you learn in this handy book will serve you well with other pastries. Who knows? Perhaps lace will become your signature decorating move.

Now, there are some pros and cons to making your own cake. When you ask yourself if you should DIY your wedding cake, keep in mind that you may need to clear bringing your own cake with your venue. However, if you want a cake that's deeply personal and meaningful to you, making your own cake will leave you with an incredible sense of accomplishment.

Wedding cake decorating books exist for every cake and design imaginable, whether you want a multi-tiered masterpiece or a collection of cupcakes. Grabbing a few of the best wedding cake decorating books ever written will make it a breeze to make your cake. If you're sold on the idea of doing a DIY cake, check out these helpful tips for making your own wedding cake.

Are you ready to take on cake decorating?

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