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By Prince Alonzo Nawi Alimuddin IIIPublished 3 years ago 5 min read
Photography By Prince

When no one hears your silent

Career over love, you have to choose one, but both are substance

In late 2000, the tale of the Prince proceeds, Prince, an introverted guy who only likes to be alone. He is a dreadful boy who only had a few friends when he was still studying until he met a girl named Anna, she is a volunteer as a laboratory technician near at Prince school, in the General hospital and their story begins then they start to know each other

Anna, well I am looking for a serious relationship, where I can marry a man, in that case. It is not you, the type of guy that I am looking for, maybe to make it clear you can find another girl, other than me, the guy, waving with a smile, if the age gap is a matter, then I cannot do anything, realizing that Prince is remarkably at ode and every time you sent a text message. I can't refuse and those words that told me to hold on. Anna, being emotional she said four years later

once upon a time, there was a young man who travels alone searching for a Job, In the meantime, everyone is busy maybe for their commitment to their work and many things, but when you are valuable to someone else, they will always find a way to reach you for whatever reason, nothing can stop a person who knows your best, only if he does

A not long time ago the three strangers meet each other for the very first time it was at the airport in the early morning, the reason was their flight was delayed then somewhere in Malaysia, as the talk goes on the guy asking about one of those woman statuses and their work, well it is just in an advertising company, the guy seems impressed with her appearances and the way she talks

In the early at 2 am morning, they keep talking with some passengers and telling stories, and some sharing their life experiences while others talking about their love life, and they are having a delightful conversation together while waiting for their flight

The long journey is very bored the good things, and I have met those people who are so friendly to me, indeed some people who trust the stranger easily without any disinclination, before they get on board, later I notice the lady sat near the window compartment, as the airplane running on the runway that about to take off the conversation was silently end

Later after the airplane take-off, and the guy opens the topic to the lady, the man says, it seems you are feeling cold. A lady with a smile is just a minor cold that is quite obvious, early morning right, She asks then, the lady starts talking about her personal life, let me ask you, how old are you? The guy smiled

Oh, and you are too young, and can you guess at least how old I am? I guess thirty-five years old, and she starts smiling, and that is ten years ago, and they both laugh lady asks the guy, what makes you think of getting married at a young age. That is a difficult question, a guy says

A lady says, but the guy was so thoughtful, looking forward to meeting someone like you again on my next journey. I learned a lot in our talk, sometimes on our trip, and we meet someone that teaches us a life lesson, but seriously perhaps, I must admit now at my age it is hard to find the man who is going to love me

Do you ever think sometimes you are single? A guy says, but in the eyes of every man you look not available anymore it is your style, how can you say that? Oh, and I forget to tell you, I dream of a photographer once, and I can evaluate a woman by her look and woman laughed, and If that is the case you must know me well now, Guy, I guess so, but I could not

And what is the reason behind your unforgiving opinion and the purpose, and please make me understand if you don't mind, tell me more the lady says, the guy laughed, okay then I must say it this way, your personality is a perfectionist and you even sometimes rudely, sound like you know me very well, perhaps you are good photography you can even read my curve

Lady says, and never you talked of anything about your personal life, she asks, can you measure me by my action using your superpowers? Possibly you are still single, the guy laughed that was four years ago, a lady that is too early for you to settle down, there are no specific requirements, besides from falling in love, I guess, and when you are attainable to do so, but it is not like that sometimes, do you want to know further about my story

And I have been married four years now to my X girlfriend, and we have been in a relationship for three years. Then I will not let the opportunity take away, hardly cannot afford to lose her, sound hackneyed right? And that is what my heart tells, and in the same month from I meet her, with the different year, I propose to marry her, for a good reason I never love anyone in my whole life, she was my first love though, and she should be mine, sound might be thankless, but that is love all about right?

Nineteen years later, Anna and Prince live happily ever after with their two kids


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Prince Alonzo Nawi Alimuddin III

short story writer and blogger

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