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Seven years later, I propose to you

You are my ideal on earth.

By Bella LiPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
Top Story - September 2021
You have a pair of eyes brighter than the stars.

This is our seventh year together.

I've decided to ask you to marry me.

Take it easy, let me tell you something about my past.

When I was 17 years old, I was in a boring math class, wondering when I would meet someone I liked and how I would propose to her. At that time, I thought that career development was the most important thing in my 20s, so I wanted to meet you at 28 and get married at 35.

The reason for the seven-year gap, if you can guess it, is not just because of the old saying of “seven-year itch”, or the fact that every seven years your entire cell is replaced, but because there are seven continents in this world. I want to go to one continent a year with you and spend the rest of my life with you.

Before I met you, I knew a lot of people, also fell in love with several people, also came up with a formula of the time between love a person and forget that person. If I fell in love with someone, and I will take double the time to forget, if only one-way love, in the profession was rejected after will spend half of time to forget.

There were moments of emotional vulnerability when I wanted to cry, when I wanted you to show up and gave me a hug I had been long waiting for. I always like to be brave and pretend to be omnipotent, but sometimes I really want to have a shoulder to rely on. I am a loner: I listen to sad love songs, playing guitar, singing, eating, shopping, having class... I actually have a lot of friends, but I'm not very good at maintaining close long-term relationships. Most people are just playmates, and only two or three people I can open up to. I was afraid that after meeting you, I would hide far away for fear of intimate contact and miss you.

I waited, waited, waited, material conditions and social status are gradually in line with my expectation, you still did not appear, maybe because I never tried to find, but chose to wait. It didn't matter, because my life was busy and full, with a dog and a cat.

On September 26, 2033, in my favorite autumn, I once again packed my bags and flew to Tibet to look at the stars. It was the most incredible night of my life. As I lay alone on the grass looking at the sky, away from the crowd around the campfire, a figure came and sat not far away. I sat up to see the figure, facing me, is a pair of eyes brighter than the stars. Tears came up on their own, just a glance, it opened our life destined to bond.

There you are, finally.

This is the end of the story, before I met you for many years, this is how I spent. On the night of September 26, we sat together, watching the stars and chatting. At the beginning, I was very shy and did not dare to look into your eyes. I kept saying to myself: You are so beautiful. All night, no one wanted to stop talking, so we watched the sunrise together again.

I looked at those clear eyes just like those of seven years ago and took out a wooden ring I had made by myself. I got down on one knee and couldn't speak. You knelt down too, reached out your hand, took mine, and slipped the ring slowly over your ring finger. To my surprise, you also took out a ring and held it up in front of me. I recognized it as the first ring you had in your life. You said you would give it to the person you wanted to marry, and at that time you firmly believed that it would be the same size as that person's ring finger. When you put it on, I just wanted to thank my mom for giving me my ring finger the size it is now.

Your best friend, and my best friend showed up and around us. We held each other screaming and crying, and I held you so tight that I wanted to hold you forever.

As we agreed, we will have a destination wedding. We will first accompany our parents to travel to the place they want to go, and then we will have our own time. To see the stars in the desert, to see the stars in the mountain, to see the stars in the grassland, to see the stars in the glacier, to see the stars in the rain forest, the last stop, is our favorite sea. By the sea, there was a small house with a glass roof. We could lie in bed and watch the stars every day.


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  • jamar chilcoteabout a year ago

    Well written

  • Mcgrotha Brinkerabout a year ago

    Nice article

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