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Sapphire Wedding Rings Fit for Royalty: 5 Celebrity-Inspired Choices

Sapphire Wedding Rings

By Declan JamesPublished 11 months ago 3 min read
A Sapphire Ring


Sapphires are gorgeous gemstones that have been capturing human attention for ages. When it comes to wedding rings, sapphires have become the top choice for celebrities. If you’re searching for an engagement ring that is unique and also carries some sort of significance to it, consider buying a sapphire ring. Since sapphire rings are fit for royalty, there is no doubt that they can’t elevate your look! In this article, we’ll look at 5 celebrity-inspired sapphire wedding rings fit for royalty that you are in your own right.

The Classic Sapphire Ring

The classic sapphire ring features a center sapphire stone surrounded by sparkling diamonds. The famous British royalty Kate Middleton wears a classic sapphire ring that was once owned by Princess Diana. This design creates an ageless beauty of sapphires with sparkling diamonds, making you stand out among everyone. This type of design goes with every outfit by adding a touch of royalty.

The Vintage Style Sapphire Ring

Vintage style sapphire ring is a brilliant choice for those who enjoy the old-school charm. This design shows intricate metalwork along with a detailed sapphire stone. Take inspiration from the famous actress Penelope Cruz, who was once spotted wearing a gorgeous vintage-style sapphire ring, gifted by her partner. This ageless piece of beauty will take you back to the ’20s era. Whether style it for your wedding or any casual day, the wearer will get the attention of everyone.

Sapphire Engagement Ring

Nature-Inspired Sapphire Ring

The nature-inspired sapphire ring design is meant for nature lovers. The Harry Potter star Emma Watson was spotted wearing this unique design of a sapphire ring. In this design, the precious metals are designed as leaves, flowers, petals, etc with a sapphire gemstone in the center. This is a perfect choice for those who want to showcase their love for their partner and the environment with one ring. The nature-inspired sapphire ring can be paired in both ways, occasionally and casually.

A Colorful Statement Sapphire Ring

Lady Gaga, the famous singer who is also popular for wearing statement jewelry pieces was once spotted wearing a bold colorful sapphire ring. In this design, multiple sets of sapphire gemstones are arranged in a way that creates a burst of colors. A colorful sapphire ring is a bold choice for weddings because it enhances the bold personality of the wearer, making the wearer look exceptional among a crowd.

The Ageless Sapphire Eternity Band

If you’re looking for something subtle and sophisticated, then you can opt for a sapphire eternity band. In this design, multiple sets of sapphire gemstones encircle the whole band. Actress Elizabeth Hurley was seen wearing this timeless beauty. Whether paired with other rings or worn alone, a sapphire band denotes an eternity of love and commitment.

Styling a sapphire eternity band is very easy as you can wear it with everything; the continuous glow of the sapphire makes any outfit look aesthetic.

Gorgeous Sapphire Tennis Bracelet

If you prefer non-traditional wedding jewelry, then this sapphire bracelet is for you. In this design, sapphire gemstones are placed in a straight line which gives the bracelet an elegant appeal. Tennis champion Serena Williams has been seen wearing a gorgeous sapphire tennis bracelet. This design demonstrates the ability to make any look mesmerizing. A sapphire tennis bracelet is a versatile piece of jewelry that can be styled any day, from weddings to any casual day outs.

A Sapphire Wedding Ring


Sapphire wedding rings are luxurious as well as a royal choice for your special day. At GemsNY, you will see a vast variety of sapphire wedding rings, from the classic sapphire ring to the sapphire tennis bracelet, there are various options available according to your preferences. Whether you choose the classic sapphire ring, the vintage-style sapphire ring, the nature-inspired sapphire ring, the sapphire statement ring, the sapphire eternity band, or the sapphire tennis bracelet, all these popular celebrities' favorite sapphire jewels will make you a star on your D-day.

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