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Captivating Elegance: Unveiling the Allure of Sapphire Studs

Effortlessly Chic: Elevate Your Style with Sapphire Studs

By Declan JamesPublished 12 months ago 4 min read
Multi-colored polished sapphire stones

In the captivating world of gems and jewelry, the allure of multi-colored sapphire studs could not be ignored. This exceptional gem is available in an extremely wide color variety and is well-known for its durability which makes it one of the most sought-after gems. Before diving deep into the unsung tales of the fantastic sapphires, let us shed some light on the wonders of the September birthstone and its journey to conquer hearts.

Reminiscing Tales of Formation & Existence

The natural sapphire is originally made up of the corundum mineral. However, the trace of other elements in them, such as chromium, iron, titanium, etc. gives a specific color to the stone, depending on which element’s traces are present in the corundum. The major reservoirs of multi-colored sapphires are in Sri Lanka which also produces most of the blue-hued variety in addition to Kashmir and Thailand. Apart from these, Australia, Myanmar, China, Cambodia, Kenya, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Madagascar, and Myanmar, along with Montana in the US also produce fine-colored stones.

Revisiting the Ancient Glory of Sapphires

This celestial stone has been associated with the second closed planet from the sun, Venus, and is the favored gemstone for those born under Gemini or Taurus astrological sign. For ages, it has been considered a powerful weapon to protect its wearers against fraudulent activities and even poisonous elements. It was even considered a lucky charm to attract prosperity and could ward off negativity and infidelity which could be the reason why it is often gifted for good fortune to a couple celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary.

Traditional Blue Hue in Tune with Fancy Sapphires

The deep-rooted blues sapphires have traditionally been accepted by the name sapphire until other colorful corundum varieties of the gem were discovered. Talking about the vast color palette it offers, the natural sapphire could be found in all the rainbow shades in their natural occurrence, collectively known as the fancy sapphires, except for the red-colored ones which are rather termed “rubies”.

The colored ones include green, yellow, pink, purple, violet white, etc. There exist even color-shifting sapphires which display different shades when the stone is placed in fluorescent and incandescent light respectively. This phenomenon occurs due to the presence of vanadium in some varieties of sapphires.

Characteristic Features of Alluring Sapphires

As far as the hardness of the stone is concerned, these aesthetic gems are one of the most durable ornamental gems. They are placed at 9th position, only one rank below the hardest mined substance, diamond, and hence, are perfectly suitable to wear every day. This also means that the stone is not affected by light, heat, or other chemical effects, thus demanding little maintenance.

Speaking of the inclusions, they occur mainly in naturally grown varieties and have a major role to play in differentiating real sapphires from several other gemstones offering similar color ranges. However, curved striae, a form of inclusion that occurs only in artificially cultured sapphires and even in red rubies can be thought of as an exception in this case.

Special Varieties of Sapphires: Trapiche & Star Sapphires

The presence of rutile inclusions in the hexagonal sapphires can create a “star effect” with the finest ones displaying a six-rayed star in cabochon cutting, known as the star sapphires. On the other hand, the stones that resemble a “spoked wheel” like structure are termed trapiche sapphires. They are formed due to the carbonaceous inclusions developed in the crystal resembling six-wheel spokes in a cabochon cut since the stones are symmetrically hexagonal in shape.

Blue sapphire jewelry (necklace, earrings, ring)

Price Range & Color Preferences

The traditional blue-colored sapphires are of the highest value of all the sapphire color ranges and after that, the pink-colored and the pinkish-orange padparadscha demand the highest prices. The hue, tone, and saturation of the stones also determine their price tag. The pure-colored stones would be priced better and those with vivid saturation would be preferred over others. As far as tone is concerned, the darker-toned sapphires are valued less as their availability is high than those of lighter tones.

Sapphire studs could be carved in myriads of shapes including round, oval, and pear cuts along with the classic emerald, cushions, and marquise cuts. Each of them has different facets & brilliance and thus, commands a different price tag.

Exploring the World of Artificial Sapphires & Simulants

Though natural sapphires are mined at several places throughout the world, they are not enough to meet the growing demands of the stone so their chemical composition is often exploited in the labs to create artificial versions of the stone. The first batch of artificial sapphires was developed using the flame fusion technique in the early 20th century. Today, other synthetic processes like flux, czochralski, and hydrothermal are also used to synthesize the sapphires on a large scale.

Also, with modern advancements in science and gemology, even the natural conditions for the growing real sapphires could be simulated which could develop natural versions even with inclusion that are too difficult to be detected by anyone but highly professional gemologists.


The ocean-deep bluish texture of the blue sapphire earring studs could be the best gift for someone born in the month of September. Mark a milestone in your love relationship with sapphire jewelry and take your union to another level. Take your time and fix your eyes on the marvelous collection of multi-hued sapphire studs we have curated for you at GemsNY.

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