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My Thoughts on People Celebrating the Death of Controversial Dating Coach and Youtuber Kevin Samuels

by Erin Mixon about a month ago in ceremony and reception
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Is it ever right to celebrate someone’s demise?

Controversial Youtuber and dating coach, Kevin Samuels, has passed away at the age of 56.

Samuels was known for his controversial dating and relationship advice. Some of his blunt, no holds barred opinions rubbed many women and some men the wrong way.

What Was Kevin Samuels Known For?

He was known for having women call into his Youtube show where he would “rate” them on a scale of one to ten. The scores would go down depending on factors such as the woman’s age, dress size, perceived physical beauty, and the number of kids she bore as a single mom.

Some of the famous lines he used to give women “feedback” were:

“You’re average at best.”

“You’re built like a linebacker.”

“You weigh more than a man.”

Samuels was also known to tell women that men want women that are “fit, feminine, friendly, cooperative, and submissive” and if they didn’t lower their standards they would “die alone.”

Other questionable opinions included:

Once a woman is in her late 20’s she has lost “value” and is no longer as worthy in the dating market.

If a woman wants a “high value man” they should be ok with the man “cheating.”

With such strong, straight forward opinions, it’s no surprise that Kevin had his fair share of critics.

While having his fair share of female supporters, many women, especially black women (who bore the brunt of most of his criticism), disliked the content of his channel.

A good number of them have been pretty vocal about this on social media.

But in spite of having many critics, Samuels had a large following of supporters that loved and looked up to him. His Youtube channel had amassed over 1.4 million subscribers.

My Thoughts on Kevin Samuels

Kevin Samuels was a complex individual.

Although extremely polarizing and having a straight-no-chaser attitude, Samuels actually had many likable qualities.

I watched his show quite often early on.

While I thought the advice he gave was harsh and outright cold and mean at times, I do believe that Kevin meant well.

His delivery was arguably offensive and degrading, but I do believe his ultimate message was a potentially positive one.

I believe he wanted men and women (especially in the black community) to stop putting unrealistic demands on each other and to humble themselves and to realize that none of us are perfect, so we should be a little more understanding and forgiving with each other.

But due to his rough and extreme delivery, this message was often lost and ended up dividing the two sexes and seemed to ultimately cause a war of the sexes.

Sadly, I do believe Samuels fell into the trap of making content that was more provocative in order to get clicks and views and for more monetary gain.

Other redeeming qualities Samuels possessed included the fact that he was highly intelligent, charismatic, confident, witty, and funny.

The Controversy Surrounding Samuel’s Death

As in life, Samuel’s death has divided so many people. The responses have been mixed ranging from sadness or indifference to uncaring and hard-hearted to even being celebratory.

And the responses on social media haven’t held back. People have been very direct about their feelings.

While many have been offering their condolences, there are many people who have had no problems communicating their joy and happiness at the fact that Samuels is no longer with us.

A good number of the people expressing this sentiment have been black women who felt particularly wronged and slighted by Samuels.

Some of the women expressing joy at the passing of Samuels felt his death was justified because it was “karma” and “payback” for the way Samuels treated women and black women in particular.

Do I Feel People Are Justified in Rejoicing in Kevin Samuel’s Death?

No. I don’t feel there is ever a justification for rejoicing in someone’s death.

I acknowledge that Kevin’s views and delivery really hurt and wounded a number of women, so this is no doubt where the rejoicing is coming from.

I know that these women (and some men included) celebrating his death are just channeling their hurt and pain.

But celebrating the death of another person is not the answer.

We as humans are better than that. We have the ability to sympathize and empathize and show compassion to others.

Death is something that we will all face at some point. As we know, it is a solemn, serious, and sacred time that should be respected by all.

It should be respected for the sake of the person that lost their life as well as for the grieving family. We all know this because we have all felt the pain of losing someone, and we know that we will all be in the same position one day.

This is not to say that there won’t be some deaths that won’t affect us as much or that we won’t necessarily feel as sad about.

But just out of respect and reverence for death itself (if not for the person that actually passed away), as well as for the family of the departed, we should choose silence if we can’t find it within us to say anything positive.

Because we must always be mindful of the fact that one day we will be in the same situation and we would want others to show the same compassion, understanding, respect, and restraint.

For those of us that are believers, we know that we don’t have to worry about trying to “pay back” anything or anyone in life.

Energy always comes back. It is a Universal Law in place for us all. So if we feel we have been wronged, the universal energies will handle it. It has to. It’s a law.

We know that the Creator will ultimately take care of everyone and everything and that no one gets away with anything.

Anyone that feels wronged or slighted must have faith in this knowledge.

But we must also acknowledge that we are not the ultimate Judge. If we don’t want the ultimate Judge to judge us harshly, then we must exercise that same compassion.

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