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This story makes you cry

By Raagland JosaPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Read it till end

One random night he woke up. He was thinking about all things that have happened to him in the past few days. His girlfriend left a message saying “Sorry but our relationship is over”.

He didn’t know how to react, because they were together for 3 years.

He thought he did something wrong.

To keep the negative thoughts away, he decided to go for a walk. He was walking in the park thinking about things he wanted to change in his life. Suddenly he saw his girl in the park.

He went up to her.

Boy: Hey, what’re you doing here?

Girl: Oh…Hi I’m just sitting here.

Boy: At 3:34 AM? Isn’t it too late?

Girl: I know. Look I’m sorry I was stupid I never should have sent you that message. This is the place where we first kissed so I am here thinking about you because I can’t sleep.

Boy: But why did you sent me such a message?

Girl: Because of another Boy. I was wrong and I really regret it. I still love you.

Boy’s heart starts beating faster and he wanted to say I love you too, but he couldn’t.

Boy: But I don’t love you anymore. You have made me cry in the past week and I couldn’t sleep because I loved you more than you could imagine and you were about to broke up with me without letting me know any reason. Now it’s all over. I can’t come back.

Girl: I understand but please remember I will love you forever!! EVER!!

Boy turned around and one could see tears rolling down his eyes. He walked away.

5 days later he felt he couldn’t take it anymore. He was weak and wanted to see her. He took his phone and gave her a ring.

Girl: Hello?

Boy: Look the night in the park I said I don’t love you, I lied. I love you too and miss you a lot. Please could we meet? I really miss you.

Girl: Sure, I was thinking about you for the last 5 days. I missed you too a lot. I love you.

His feelings came back. He loved her a lot. His words made her happy again. She loved him so much that she would give away anything to be with him. She was everything to him.

Boy: Let’s meet up in the park on other side of the town. It’s beautiful there and I want to remember this day for the rest of my life.

Girl: Love, you’re the light of my life and you are the most beautiful boy ever. I will never leave you; I swear on my life! You are perfect and I will love you for the rest of my life. I will be there in the park in 30 minutes. Can’t wait to meet you. Love you. Bye

The Boy was really happy that he finally will kiss her and get back together with the love of his life. He was driving car and feeling very happy, tears flowing down his eyes and the second he went to wipe his tears of his face…



Boy: What happened?

Nurse: You crashed into another driving car.

Boy: Are people in another car okay?

Nurse: No, the person died before ambulance could arrive.

Boy: I need to call someone please… Can I call someone?

Nurse: Sorry you need to rest. You lost lot of blood.

Boy: But I need to talk to someone.

Nurse: No stay in bed and rest….

Nurse walks away and starts crying.

Doctor: What’s wrong?

Nurse: His girlfriend was in the other car… She died before ambulance could arrive. He doesn’t know. I can’t break his heart.

The truth was that his girlfriend went past the park and was going to buy some flowers first and then drive to the park. They both were driving too fast and didn’t pay attention to the outside world.

: People say that only thing could separate love is death.

: Some say it can’t be separated at all.


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