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Love is life

By Ayomide DanielPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Photo by Mayur Gala on Unsplash

in the tapestry of time, love weaves its thread,

A symphony of hearts, where emotions are fed.

In the dance of existence, where shadows meet light,

Love and life entwine, in the depths of the night.

Through the labyrinth of dreams, we wander and roam,

Seeking solace and connection, to call our own.

In the garden of moments, where memories bloom,

Love whispers softly, dispelling the gloom.

From the first breath of dawn to the last sigh of dusk,

Love is the melody, in which we all trust.

In the laughter of children, in the tears that we shed,

Love is the compass, guiding us ahead.

In the embrace of a lover, beneath the starry sky,

We find sanctuary, as the world rushes by.

In the warmth of a touch, in the depths of a kiss,

Love ignites the flames, that we cannot dismiss.

Through the trials and tribulations, that life may bestow,

Love is the anchor, in the ebb and flow.

In the silence of sorrow, in the depths of despair,

Love is the lifeline, that helps us repair.

In the tapestry of time, love etches its mark,

A beacon of hope, through the endless dark.

In the tapestry of time, love knows no end,

A timeless connection, that hearts transcend.

So let us cherish each moment, let us hold love dear,

For it is the essence, that makes life clear.

In the tapestry of time, where all is revealed,

Love is the answer, to every heart's appeal

In the quiet whispers of the night, love lingers on,

A silent promise, from dusk till dawn.

In the laughter of lovers, in the tears they share,

Love is the melody, in the sweetest air.

Through the trials of life, love remains steadfast,

A guiding light, when all seems overcast.

In the gentle caress, of a hand held tight,

Love whispers softly, through the darkest night.

In the embrace of friendship, in the bonds we form,

Love is the shelter, in the raging storm.

In the symphony of souls, in the dance of fate,

Love weaves its magic, never too late.

In the fleeting moments, that slip away,

Love is the anchor, that forever stays.

In the echoes of memories, in the songs we sing,

Love is the melody, that makes our hearts ring.

So let us cherish each heartbeat, let us embrace the day,

For love is the compass, that shows the way.

In the tapestry of life, where dreams unfurl,

Love is the constant, in this ever-changing world.

In the silent whispers of the breeze, love softly calls,

A timeless melody, as the night befalls.

In the dance of creation, in the rhythm of time,

Love is the essence, pure and sublime.

In the quiet moments, where thoughts collide,

Love is the sanctuary, where souls confide.

In the beauty of nature, in the colors that blend,

Love is the masterpiece, that knows no end.

Through the valleys of sorrow, through the peaks of joy,

Love is the constant, that none can destroy.

In the tapestry of emotions, that hearts unfurl,

Love is the anchor, in this vast, swirling world.

In the embrace of family, in the bonds we share,

Love is the foundation, strong and fair.

In the whispers of hope, in the dreams we chase,

Love is the beacon, in every embrace.

So let us treasure each moment, let us hold love close,

For it is the elixir, that life bestows.

In the tapestry of existence, where dreams take flight,

Love is the guiding star, through the darkest night.

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