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Kissing Is More Important Than You Think

by Sharon Vencia 2 months ago in ceremony and reception
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Why You Should Do It More...

Kissing is one of the most exciting parts of starting a new relationship! The first kiss with someone new is so electrifying that it sets off fireworks and gives you those little flutters in your stomach. And when it comes to relationships, kissing is really the glue that holds everything together.

Considered one of the most loving and powerful displays of non-verbal communication, kissing improves satisfaction and intimacy between two people. But yet, it’s one of the first aspects that decline in long-term relationships. In fact, research has shown that one in five couples kiss less than one time per month, and for 40% of these folks, that kiss lasts for five seconds or less. This is not the recipe for lasting love. So, there’s no better time to discuss why kissing is so vital for your relationship.

Promotes Bonding

Building a strong connection with your significant other is the best way to keep your relationship healthy and happy. Research has found that kissing and different types of affection trigger the release of oxytocin, the hormone that helps promote bonding in humans.

Alleviates Stress

But oxytocin isn’t the only hormone that’s released when kissing, so is dopamine. And when released simultaneously, they alleviate stress and make you happy. Stress can be awful for your mental and emotional health, bringing on bouts of anxiety and depression, but it can also lead to high blood pressure and an increased risk of heart attack.

Builds Emotional Intimacy

Kissing is one of the best tools that couples can use to develop a deep emotional intimacy with each other. This level of intimacy is only reached when couples can be comfortable, deeply connected, and vulnerable with one another in a long-term relationship.

Most experts believe that when partners are intimate, they have more trust in each other, share secrets without the fear of judgment, and feel accepted for who they are with the other person. Sure, kissing is considered physical intimacy, but the release of oxytocin helps connect people and lower emotional barriers better than anything else.

Helps With Impotency

Men can have an erection problem for a number of different reasons. However, when men do achieve an erection it's because something aroused them. Some things can cause an erection right away while other things men do to try and get one don't work at all. Arousal and stimulation pretty much go hand in hand in regards to a physical interaction with your partner. It really depends of the parts of your body that have the most nerve endings and therefore are the most sensitive. A lot of men can get aroused just from brushing up against a women because of the signals the brain is sending to the penis. Which in turn stimulates blood flow to that region, and kissing can be 5 time more arousing than accidently brushing up against somebody because of the amount of nerve endings there are in the lips and tongue.

Keeps The Attraction Alive

Kissing is a crucial part of any physical relationship. In fact, studies show that this alone can play a significant role in whether or not a person wants to pursue sexual relations with someone else. The National Library of Medicine found that when women were ovulating placed an even greater significance on kissing, making them much more likely to become sexually intimate with someone who knows how to use their mouth.

Fosters Trust

Trust is an essential foundation for any relationship, especially intimate ones. Placing trust in your spouse means you know you can count on them, and it’s a reassuring sign of love. A true partnership should boost romantic friendships. Kissing helps with this process because of the hormone release. Oxytocin is responsible for helping partners feel trust, increasing a person’s willingness to participate in risky emotional behaviors.

The Bottom Line

Kissing makes both people feel optimistic and is the best tool for strengthening or rekindling your bond. Regardless of whom you’re sharing a kiss with, it can positively impact your physical and emotional wellbeing. So, kiss more, fight less - it’s better for you!

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I love to research and write about various things people go through on a daily basis. Especially issues that arise in relationships.

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