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How to Plan your dream wedding during a Covid19 Pandamic?

by Shree caterers about a year ago in ceremony and reception
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Amidst the pandemic, a large wedding is now just a far off dream for many to-be brides and grooms. A lot of people would join together an dream wedding with being a very unexciting one. However, that’s not true as dream weddings have proved to be the next big thing in the days to come.

Your dream wedding day will be the best day of your life as you will be graced with the presence of the people you love the most. This makes it a very personal event and indeed a fun one as well!

Weddings had to require a backseat when the coronavirus pandemic hit the whole world. Thankfully and slowly now everything is returning to normalcy in phases in the world of weddings whereof you can host an dream wedding with a guest list of 50 people. If an dream wedding is planned in the right manner, it can be a completely fun-filled event for you and your guests.

How to plan your dream wedding effectively.

Venue Ideas for your dream wedding:

Our world has taken a whole 360-degree turn ever since the existence of COVID-19. Now that weddings have started retaking place, the primary and foremost thing on the list is to seem for an apt venue for your 50 guest wedding. If you're wondering where you'll host it?

1. Your Own Terrace or Garden

An ideal place to host alittle wedding with a maximum of fifty people would be your own terrace, garden or maybe the backyard. A venue like this is able to allow you and your guest to breathe fresh air, and you'll also decorate it to the simplest of your liking to offer it an entire cosy and surreal feeling.

2. Community Halls

A community hall is an apt place to host an dream wedding with just 50 people on the guestlist as they are small and cannot cater to a bigger crowd. With that being said, you can easily follow all the hygiene protocols listed by the government.

3. Rental Homes or Airbnb Properties

Farmhouses, rental homes or even Airbnb properties are a great option when it comes to hosting a wedding with 50 or fewer guests. Just make sure you check abreast of the travel and therefore the convenience of your guest before you finalise on a venue.

Makeup Ideas for an dream Wedding:

One of the foremost important elements of a bride’s ensemble is her bridal makeup. Something that has been in vogue for a really while now's subtle, and natural makeup is completed on brides. Some makeup suggestions for your dream wedding are as follows:

Hire a makeup artist of your choice. AA lot of expert cosmetics artists have now continued back to work and are accessible for appointments in light of keeping all security conventions.

A lot of expert cosmetics artists have now continued back to work and are accessible for appointments in light of keeping all security conventions.

If you do not wish to book anyone, then DIY (Do It Yourself) makeup is also a great option. You can opt to do your own makeup for your big day. The internet has several renowned makeup artists who have put up some easy makeup tutorials that you simply can take a glance at and check out .

Hassle-Free Coordination with your guest for your dream Wedding:

The number of people at a marriage mattera lot as a lot of planning must be done supported the based on the crowd. During a situation like this, the Central government is merely allowing a maximum of fifty guests at a marriage and a few state governments are allowing even but that.

These rules have in reality made you cut off on the considerable rundown of companions and far family you may have consistently needed around you for your large day. They will be unable to be around genuinely, yet they can yet be a piece of your day in the accompanying manners.

Stream your wedding online, Whoever can be present physically, you can ask them to join the celebration and extend their blessings online via video conferencing applications like Zoom, WhatsApp video call, Google Duo, etc.

Food and Beverage choice for your dream Wedding:

Indian weddings have always been very famous for their gorgeous and larger than life buffets. Everyone literally looks forward to attending an Indian wedding because of its food. Sadly, with an dream wedding with just 50 people, widespread food isn’t an ideal option.

Don’t be disheartened as you can skip on a widespread menu but yet consider fewer but better options to deck up your wedding menu.

You can consider the following food and beverage options for an dream wedding.

Opt for finger food like mini burgers, smoothie bars, french fries, macaroons and cupcakes, etc.With the guest just being close family and friends, you can also be a trendsetter by beginning something new of having a potluck wedding where every visitor gets one home-cooked thing. In the realm of food, you won't ever run short with choices around you. Consult your better half and family and finalise your dream wedding menu accordingly.


The pandemic has changed everything round the world, including the face of wedding celebrations. That shouldn't cripple to be brides and grooms. The more joyful and energizing way out would be to live with it and accept it and also innovate all the wedding planning.

For all wedding celebration lovers, an dream wedding celebration may be a little bummer but to look at the bright side of it, you get to celebrate the biggest day of your life with the people you love the most and also the ones who care for you the most.

An dream wedding isn’t bad at all. In fact, it is a much perfect and personal affair. This big day will definitely be memorable and filled with all the best memories. Also, a few years down the line, you will have fun stories to tell about getting hitched during a global pandemic.

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