How to Plan a Wedding in Maldives

Maldives Wedding Guide

How to Plan a Wedding in Maldives
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The Maldives is usually on the list of top wedding destinations in the world. The dazzlingly white shores of the islands, the aquamarine waters of the ocean and palm tree backdrop make up the perfect romantic setting. If you are planning to have your wedding in this tropical paradise, here's how you can go about the process.

1. The legal side

You may surprise to know that your wedding in the Maldives doesn't have any legal reality to it. So, you may want to take care of the legalities first and then have the wedding as a ceremonial affair in the Maldives, or you can do it another way around.

2. Pick a resort

You need to pick a resort for your wedding. You have a range of options including the likes Anantara Veli Maldives Resort. Also, deciding on your honeymoon resort Maldives in advance will ease up the rest of the process.

3. The location

Nothing will be more romantic than getting married on the beach. Your wedding planner will set up a gazebo accessorized with tropical flowers, and if you wish, you can include Maldivian traditional music as well.

If you are planning to have your wedding out on the beach, you need to think carefully about the date of your wedding. There are two seasons: low and high. You should expect rainfall during the low season, and if the idea is to add the tropical element to your wedding, which presumably it is, aim for the high season.

4. Ceremony options

As you are holding the ceremony in the Maldives, you can go as traditional as you like. You can celebrate the occasion in the most traditional way by having your union blessed. If you are up to it, you can dress in traditional clothing and make it a colourful affair.

Most resorts add the traditional aspect to their wedding packages, so, all you have to do is choose.

5. Come up with a budget

The Maldives is an exorbitant destination, and so having your wedding here will cost you quite a lot of money. So, draw up a budget before you do anything else. Having a budget will help you have the dream wedding you want without having to spend all the money you have.

Your best option is to choose a wedding package. A wedding package usually has everything including food, flowers, music, drinks, a photographer and a make-up artist. You can also add extras like dinner cruises, spa therapies and romantic dinners.

6. Getting to the Maldives

Getting to the Maldives has become easier; most airlines offer direct flights to the international airport on Hulhule. You also have the option to split up your journey and make a stop in a destination like Dubai; it would be a nice addition to your honeymoon.

From the airport, you will be taken to your resort by seaplane or speedboat. To avoid loitering around at the airport, inform your hotel of the flight details so that you'll be taken to the resort as soon as you arrive.

Travelling by seaplane can be the same price as your flight to the Maldives. Make sure you add the cost to your budget and let your guests know of the same.

If you have a large party attending your wedding, you can hire a private seaplane just for them. Seaplanes only operate in the day, so, if you or your guests arrive in the country at night, you will have to stay the night on the main island – this is going to cost you extra, so, you should try to arrive in the Maldives during day time and head for your resort right away.

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