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How to Make Him Pursue You: The Art of Being Irresistible

The Art of Being Irresistible

By Relatable ContentPublished 2 months ago 10 min read

So you want him to chase you? Are you tired of always being on the opposite side of the chasing game, where you find yourself always chasing after men, visualizing, obsessing over men, looking at your phone, wondering when he's going to text you, and sometimes he never texts you back, and you're just like, "What is going on? Why doesn't he want me back? Why don't people want me? Why am I not being pursued?" Let's have a really good conversation about this. You know, I was in your position. I used to always be in the position of wanting to always get a guy's attention. I would be paying attention to the guy that I loved. I would do the most so that he could finally notice me. If he didn't text me back, I would post stuff on my story to hopefully try to get him to, you know, feel bad and to text me back. And guess what? Spoiler alert: that stuff does not work.

And one of the easiest things I could say is, first, tap into your feminine energy. Because when you lose your feminine energy, you become receptive. The feminine is the receptive force that brings things in. And I can tell you to do that, or I can also tell you one key principle that can completely shift your life right now. And if you understand this key principle, you will never be in a place in life where, or very rarely, you find yourself in a place where you are wanting, wanting, wanting a guy so badly, or wanting anything so badly and you can't seem to get it. Let's dive in.

So the first thing I need you to do is either read through the article that I have written or watch this quick video that will explain to you how to make any man obsessed with you in 7 days.

Now, I need you to relax. The thing is, when we find ourselves obsessing and doing all the things to manifest and attract a guy, the vibrations that we are sending out to the universe are the vibrations of desire. And the underlying feeling of desire is need; it's want; it's have to have; it's chasing energy. Now, when we find ourselves vibrating from the standpoint of desire, so we want something right, we know it's not bad. You have a desire, you know you want it, and you crave it. Good. You know, the actual root word of desire means of God, of the stars, whatever the case is, whatever you believe in, of God, of the stars. When you have a desire, that means instead of staying in that vibration, you need to take that as an indicator that the thing that you want is about to come into your life. So as soon as you have a desire and, from this standpoint, you want a guy to text you back, to call you, to have his attention, to chase you, the most important thing I want you to do that will completely change your life from this moment on is, as soon as you find yourself caught up in desire, I need you to hang up the desire and tap into the energy of being.

When you are stuck in the state of desire, you are stuck in the state of I want, I want, I want. And by definition, when you want something, you are telling the universe that you don't have it. So when you don't have the thing and you are vibrating on the thing that I don't have, I don't have, I don't have, guess what? You're going to continue to manifest not having the damn thing. So the first thing I need you to do is hang up on the desire. Let it go and literally surrender to the moment, and understand that if you actually want the thing, you need to go into the energy of being. Now, I know you're going to ask, "Oh my God, Jay sounds freaking easy. I'm literally caught up in obsession right now. I'm addicted. Okay, how do I stop wanting the thing?" You need to practice stepping into the energy that one already has.

So let's be real. When we find ourselves obsessively thinking about another person, it's really not the other person; it's ourselves. There's something about that person that is triggering a subconscious desire for something within us that has not been fulfilled. So if you're able to pinpoint the underlying feeling and emotion, then you will be able to fill that void within yourself currently. For example, sometimes you see a guy who's super attractive; maybe he's super wealthy. That means maybe the subconscious reason you are attracted to him is because you are seeking security right now. You are seeking security; you're seeking safety, financially or non-financially. Another guy could be representing fun and excitement. Whatever it is that you are missing, you have to fill yourself up with that emotion ASAP. Because if you fill yourself up with that emotion, that's how you are going to take all the attention from I don't have, I don't have, and bring it back to I am, I am, I am, and I am loving it, right? So you do that. Once you've pinpointed the emotion that you are missing in your life, whether it's love, excitement, money, security, or safety, whatever it is you are desiring from that person or from that partner, you need to practice embodying those emotions in the here and now.

So if you want a relationship with a specific person because they give off heavy sexual vibes or like they're super sexy, then I would tell you to close your eyes, and I would tell you to activate those emotions right here, right now. So literally, close your eyes right now and let's say and insert emotion, right? So let's say you are looking to feel sexy, or you're looking to feel excitement, or you're looking to feel happiness, or you're looking to feel love. Whatever the emotion is, pinpoint it, and I want you to start running that through your body and activating that in your body right now. You can think of a moment or a memory where you felt that way before, or you can understand and trust that you can activate any emotion that you want currently in your body. So do that right now, in this moment. Activate happiness; fill your body with happiness, excitement, sexiness, or whatever it is. So practice doing that instead of focusing on him. The next key is that you want to practice the art of letting go. Let it go; literally, just allow yourself to surrender to the desire. Okay, feel all the emotions of the desire at once. So feel all that energy that I need, I need, I need, and just feel it in the moment, and then just allow that to run out. Allow the emotion to run out. Feel it in your body. Where is that need coming from in your body? And then, once you just kind of accept the emotion and watch the emotion for a second, you'll find that it will actually run out. One of my favorite ways to also let go of a desire is to literally picture the desire in my head and almost picture a rope between me and the desire, or me and the thing that I want to let go of. And I just imagined snipping it and it falling down into a black hole, and that really helps me to enter that state when I find myself caught up in overthinking mode. I

 Just snip it and let it go; snip it, let it go; snip it, let it go. And you have to let go of any of the beliefs that are going to come after that. So your mind is going to try its hardest to convince you that you can't let things go. Your mind is going to say things like, "It's not that easy; snip it; let that go." Your mind is going to say things like, "Oh, but I need it. If I don't focus on this thing, then I'm not going to be able to have it; snip it, let it go." Your mind is going to say things like, "Oh, but it's impossible for me. I'm an overthinker; snip it, let it go." So all the beliefs that come up when you're in the letting go process, snip it, let it go, and you'll find that once you do that, you will completely enter a state of surrender to the moment and present, and the moment that you do that, next thing you know, the guy's texting you, next thing you know, he's all up in your DMs, and next thing you know, an even better guy is right there at the door. But my biggest advice to you is to really learn the art of letting it go and just getting out of obsession and getting back into being. If you get into the energy of being, that is how you can attract anything that you desire towards you easily and effortlessly. But it's not going to come if you are so focused on the thing because being so focused on the thing is chasing energy, and by nature, the more that you chase something, grab at something, and want something, the more it naturally wants to walk away from you. Just imagine a cat, and I don't know if you guys have ever seen a cat or been around a cat. If you go and try to run up to a cat, the cat is going to run away from you. But if you kind of are chill and relaxed, the cat will find its way towards you. That's how you want to be when it comes to your crushes, when it comes to people that you desire, and even when it comes to things that you want in your life. It could be money; whatever the case is, fill yourself up with the thing and actually get out of the emotion of lack and put yourself in the emotion of having. Meditate on how it feels to already have the thing, and third, let go and surrender. As soon as you set that intention and you feel all those emotions like they already are, let it go. Just let it go. Focus your attention elsewhere and trust that you are capable of letting it go, even if your mind tries to convince you otherwise. It's all a lie; it's just your ego trying to convince you. Don't listen to it. Let it go. Snip, snip, snip, snip, and you'll be on your way to living a life where things are a lot easier and you're not going to be so worried. Alright, I hope that was able to help you guys. Let me know if that was able to bring some of you guys out there. Please let me know how this works for you, how fast that guy texts you back, and how fast a better guy shows up in your life when you start practicing these steps. I recommend you check out this quick video that showed me how to make any man obsessed over you.“ Click here’ to watch.


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