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How to change the traditional look of an Oriya matrimony groom.

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By Balakrishnan DavidPublished 3 months ago 6 min read
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Traditional Indian weddings are sopping in rich customs, culture and essential part of the life of people. Oriya matrimony and its weddings see a burst of rituals and the attire of the bride and groom. If you go in uniformity with the sanctity of the customs and rituals. The wedding dress comprises the traditional shades of red, yellow, and, white as they have a strong religious meaning. The glamour and pomp attached to modern marriages today are decaying the significance of these colours. People are hell-bent on effectuating a modern look making any introspection.

You are indeed a part of the modern world, and you will be looking for a marriage ceremony. That is in keeping with the current trends. While the centre of attraction of any marriage is the bride because of the elaborate costumes. The heavy jewellery, and the accompanying makeup, the modern groom is not to be left behind.

What does a Bridegroom's Attire include?

Usually, Oriya men prefer wearing Dhoti throughout the wedding ceremony. These are made out of cotton or silk fabric. Modest dhotis have a simple and modest border with a white base, while modern-day grooms. This may favour to wear dhotis in numerous other colours and with more decorative borders. Over the Dhoti groom attires a Cotton Shirt or a kurta normally worn by men in maximum eastern states.

What is the Message of the outfit of an Oriya groom?

Whatever you choose to wear, your dress should complement your marriage and the tonality. Choose your dress according to your Oriya bride’s sari. So that you have either a complementary coloured mood or a contrasting theme.

Here is how an Oriya groom can match the perfection of an Oriya bride.

Keep pace with the traditional outfit

The traditional Oriya groom was anticipated to dress in the dhoti that the men of the state generally wore. The colour of the attire was predictable to be white which is a symbol of transparency. It’s giving a look a Western Indian ethnic twist.

Take care of the colour matching

Whatever you choose to wear, the marriage. It is the bride and the groom and their looks should complement each other. Select your outfit conferring to the sari that your bride has selected. So that you can either have a complementing same-coloured theme or a contrasting one.

Select colours wisely

With Bright red sari, you can pick a red Kurta with the White Churidar that will have fortunate colours. The Churidar looks best in white which also helps in adding height to those having short stature.

Perfect matching

Since you are expected to wear the crown during the marriage. Opt for the colour and the design of the crown that complements your outfit. If you have preferred a Sherwani that has a substantial look. Go in for a lighter crown that will organize the look and make your face prominent colours.

You can select a shiny red kurta with a sophisticated white churidar with auspicious shades. It’s best to keep the colours in the shades of pristine white, yellow, or red.

Do not forget the slippers

Make sure that you wear traditional slippers that are meant for the event. You can select the light Kolhapuri or the Nagari with embroidery work that matches up the Sherwani and Kurta. It is the footwear that finishes your complete attire.

The contrasting marvels

If you want to strike a catchy, contrasting look, you can go for the white sherwani or kurta with the self-coloured design and embroidery. Just make sure that you choose a colour that is in sharp contrast with the traditional auspicious colours.

Take care of hands and feet

In adding to all those creativeness on the outfit. Always remember that your hands, skin, and feet do have an enormous role in the decisive groom look. Apart from your outfit evoke that your skin, hands, and feet. That will have a lot of say in the final look as a groom. Make sure to spend some time getting a manicure and pedicure done along with the facial. Therefore your exposed parts are as glamorous as your perfect-fitting attire. Qualities of a perfect Oriya groom that make his special from others

Honesty and loyalty

The honesty of character is extremely vital in a prospective groom. He must be loyal to your daughter. No parent would their daughter to be circles for a Casanova or extravagant. The man essentials to be serious about this marital life and work for his family. After marriage, the highest importance should be for the wife. As a parent, you need to confirm that the guy has that belief.

Stability of income: It doesn’t matter if he does a job or runs his own business, the arrival of money should be firm. Parents perspire their lives out to give their daughter everything and it will be hurting and often worrying to see that she has to live without many facilities or incomes. But generally, the man essentials to have a stable income from a proper foundation. Parents have every right to know about their profession or business.

Family system:

If you have brought up your daughter in a nuclear family, probabilities are that she will be an angle out of the pond in a joint family. No, you’re not complaining here. Just confirm that the man gives her well and protections in the new house.

Unconditional love:

Well, that’s just a foregone conclusion. But total dedication in the relationship and complete respect for the other make any matrimony successful. This is the part where both play a significant role.

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