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This season though.....smh

By Jenna in the StarsPublished 6 months ago 3 min read


Amelia & Bennett

MY GUESS: Sagittarius & Aquarius

Ok I think that Amelia, based on her demeanor on the show, is a sagittarius. She is warm, agreeable, affectionate, and caring, wordly, a free spirit, and a traveler. While Bennett also has many of these qualities, he seems a bit more fixed in his location and attached to his life as he knows it. Even though Bennett plays it cool much of the time, he is obviously quite quirky and very social, and for this reason I think he's an Aquarius.

Olivia & Brett

MY GUESS: Virgo & Cancer OR Taurus & Taurus

Ok I relate so much to Olivia AND to Brett. And honestly Brett is such a jerk sometimes. That's what I'd expect from a cat man, though. **My opinions are my own.* Olivia is the kind of girl who likes to have fun and have a partner to do fun things. She likes the nicer things in life, and is good at making money. She should really just get on Hinge and match with a vacation hottie. Brett is a jerk and obviously needs a normcore Karen who will just move into his house and be a sidekick to his existing life. Thumbs down, Brett. It's also a total cancer move to be such a cautious traditionalist and own a home, cancer's domains. My other thought is that Brett is an earth sign, Virgo Cap or Taurus. He's very grounded and set in his ways without a lot of mental flexibility for other options for himself. Honestlty Olivia could be a taurus too because she's so fixed in her ways. Sheesh. What a clash. I thought maybe the cats would bring them together but...I was wrong.

Karen & Miles

MY GUESS: Libra & Leo

Karen is a very balanced individual. She presents beatifully and fairly, which makes me think she's a Libra. She's also shy and clearly has a professional front, which I think is also strong Libra energy. Miles is such a lover and such a sweet boy, which makes me think he's a Leo. My other choice for him would be Cancer. He also works with kids which would lend really nicely too. I also feel like Libras and Leos are so boring together, Libra and Cancer too. It would make a stable life, but also occasionally pop off into some arguments or moments of excitement (fire + air = explosionsss). They're cute, but ultimately so boring to watch. This is probably a healthy thing.

Amani & Woody

MY GUESS: Aries & Scorpio

Amani comes at woody with some sass sometimes, even though they seem very happy together. It's just her style to sass sometimes, and I see that as a very Aries trait. I think Woody is a scorpio. I don't know why but I just do. They're happy, feisty, sexual, and deeply linked. I know another Aries and Scorpio couple who function in a very similar way. My favorite couple of this season! The other thing i could see for Amani is maybe being an Aquarius. I know the Aquarius/Scorpio pull, and Amani is so cool, calm, collected. She has a great balance of being thoughtful and thorough, and being carefree, fun, and fesity.

Christina & Henry

MY GUESS: Leo & Aries

Jesus christ about Christina and Henry. They have to be one of the worst matches ever made (sorry experts, do better next time.) So, spoiler, I learned that Christina is a Leo, but before that I really thought she must be a Pisces because of her emotions and her job as a flight attendant. Leo makes a lot of sense for her though - she likes the be the center of attention, and is seeking her strong Lion man counterpart. However, she and Henry have such terrible comunication problems that I can't even with them. They both are just continuously saykig the wrong things to keep each other at odds and neither seems able to adaopt to the other's love language or preferred relationship style. It makes me think that Henry could be another fixed sign unable to change, and if I had to guess one I might just venture him to be an Aquarius. I also see Henry as someone who needs to keep discovering himself and live within his comfort zone, which could be a weak Aries trait. Poor Christina & Henry. I totaly understood what both of them wanted, and it was so sad to see them fail to give it to each other over and over again. I could also completely see Henry being a virgo. Just saying.


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