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Getting Married In Ireland

Alternative Weddings

By Helen J WebbPublished about a month ago 3 min read
Getting Married In Ireland
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Alternative Weddings in Ireland: Humanists, Spiritualists & Interfaith Ministers - What are my options? – by Rev Helen Webb

Alternative Weddings in Ireland

Legal alternatives to church and civil wedding ceremonies have become more available in The Irish Republic. Those mentioned here have the same legal status as an HSA civil wedding. Couples now have easy access to the kind of wedding ceremony that suits their lifestyle and their individual beliefs.

For example:

Couples from different cultures or religious belief systems who wish to marry, may choose to have a wedding incorporating both traditions.

Couples with no defined religion may wish to include their own personal spiritual beliefs in their ceremony.

There is a growing demand for traditional Irish or Celtic weddings incorporating ancient traditional customs and beliefs. For example, Legal Celtic Hand-Fasting Ceremonies are now available.

Wedding Ceremonies From Humanists, Spiritualists and Interfaith Ministers

In the three examples mentioned above, the services of an Interfaith Minister solomnizer would be appropriate.

For ceremonies with no spiritual or religious content, a Humanist solomnizer would be appropriate. For a Spiritualist, or individuals with beliefs concurrent with the Spiritualist belief system, such as the survival of the spirit after death, Spiritualist solomnizers are available.

Interfaith Ministers

Although Interfaith Ministers are classed as religious solomnizers on the official list of legal solomnizers, and are ordained, they provide a service, which offers, couples the ceremony of their choice. Ministers are non-denominational, with a liberal and broad-minded approach to spirituality and personal belief systems, Interfaith ceremonies do not have a denominational religious approach, and do not have a non-spiritual, non-religious approach to marriage.

Humanist Weddings

The non-spiritual approach is provided by Humanist solemnizes; the couple may use some of their own words. This type of ceremony would suit those with no spiritual or religious beliefs.

Spiritualist Weddings

A Spiritualist solomnizer can provide a ceremony using some of the couple’s own words, Spiritualists have specific beliefs, forming a religion.

What are my Options for an Alternative Wedding in Ireland?

You may choose any legal marriage solomnizer from the list available online, to perform your wedding. The list includes traditional religious options, plus Interfaith Ministers from the One Spirit Interfaith Foundation, who provide a bespoke ceremony created with you, including advice and consultations. It also includes a list of Humanist and Spiritualist solomnizers, who have websites providing information and contact details. Wedding ceremonies from Interfaith Ministers, Humanists and Spiritualists allow varying levels of creative and personal input depending on the individual solomnizer.

One World Ministers in Ireland are Interfaith Ministers providing bespoke ceremonies conceived and designed with and for the marrying couple.

Wedding Venues

Weddings may now take place in any public place with a recognizable address which has easy public access, either inside or outside. Your wedding does not have to be inside. Please refer to your legal solomnizer for more details.

The Legal Side of Things

Initially, contact your local registrar and make an appointment to notify the office of your marriage. You will need ID and 200 euros (as specified on the website mentioned below) Go to your appointment with your ID, proof of address and your fee and inform the registrar of the date and venue for the wedding, the names and addresses of your witnesses and of your chosen solomnizer (check details of requirements on website below)

The Registrar will provide you with an MRF (marriage registration form), which is given to the solomnizer, and signed at the actual wedding ceremony. The signed form is then taken to a registrar’s office as soon as possible after the wedding (you have one month, please check the below website for up to date details)

There are short legal sections to the ceremony, which your solomnizer must include and advise you of.

Solomnizers charge fees for their services, and should be contacted to agree a date for the wedding as soon as possible during the wedding planning stages.

A Final Word on One World Interfaith Ministers

I myself am a One World Minister. We are all ordained ministers. This ordination does not involve an allegiance to one particular religion, but to source, spirit, and a service to the spiritual beliefs, traditions or understanding of those being served. Wedding ceremonies with Interfaith Ministers will be conducted in a way, which honours your beliefs, no matter which religion or tradition (If any) you follow, or no matter how personal to you and you alone.

  • The One World Minister of your choice ( will work with you to produce the ceremony that you require, incorporating your own ideas. Your minister may also provide ideas and samples of ceremonies, vows, readings etc. (Ministers each have an individual approach)

Helpful Links

For full and extensive details of wedding legalities, go to

For a list of local registrars

Register of solomnizers list can be downloaded from this page


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