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Expert Tips for Caring for Your Precious Natural Ruby Pendant

Essential Care Tips for Maintaining Your Stunning Ruby Pendant

By Henryy WillsonsPublished about a month ago 4 min read
ruby pendant being cleaned with soap solution

Who doesn’t love adorning precious red-hued rubies on their ring finger, wrist, neckline or earlobes? These priceless motifs spread the uncontrollable virus of love and romance wherever they go. Nobody can get enough of ruby’s infectious beauty and magnetic brilliance. If you already have a natural ruby pendant or rather any ruby creation in your jewelry collection, you would agree with what we said, wouldn’t you?

But believe us or not, just owning and styling a ruby pendant is not enough. You need to make sure that your red baubles keep sparkling timelessly, irrespective of when you purchased them. Now, this calls for some tips on how to take care of ruby pendants. So, let’s get started.

Take’em off When Performing Heavy Jobs

These days, women are as fitness freaks as men. Whether it is about doing aerobics or yoga in the garden or lifting heavy machinery in the gyms, our women squad is not backing down in the face of challenges. If you are wondering how this discussion is related to natural ruby pendants then let us remind you a fascinating fact about rubies.

Well, rubies rate 9 on the 10-point Mohs hardness scale and come second to only the mightiest diamonds in the list. However, that doesn’t mean you can treat your rubies like invincible Hulk. So if you are wearing your ruby pendant to the gym or exercise session every day, you must stop doing so right away. In fact, it is true not only for gyming but for any physically demanding activity that might give a severe blow to your ruby gemstone, chipping or leaving scratches on it in the process.

Keep Your Rubies At a Safe Distance from Chemicals

We know, almost every woman loves spending time with her dear friend mirror while getting ready even for the most casual day out. And trust us, it’s all well as long as you don’t miss reaching the agreed spot on time. But if rubies are in the picture, you need to brace yourself before the mirror.

What we mean to say is that rubies, or rather any gemstone, are not friendly with cosmetics, perfumes or body lotions. This is because these products contain harsh chemicals that may severely impact the quality of your stones in the long run. You must be thinking what you should do then. Should you stop applying makeup? Well, that’s not our intention at all. All you need to do here is to make sure that you adorn your real ruby pendant after wearing make-up and remove the pendant before you take your make-up off.

ruby pendant styles in our inventory

Store Your Rubies Separately

No matter how hard your ruby belongings are, all gemstones are considered delicate and hence should be offered a separate space to settle down comfortably. In the case of rubies, you should not forget that diamonds can play havoc on them since the former has the upper hand over the latter in terms of durability. Besides, rubies being super tough can be a real threat to other softer gemstones in your jewelry ensemble.

So how can you address this situation without compromising the security of your rubies as well as other gemstones? Trust us and buy yourself a velvet-lined jewelry case with separate compartments for storing different jewelry pieces. This way, you get enough space to let your rubies and other gemstone jewelry pieces breathe in freely. Otherwise, you can also place your real ruby pendant flat in a separate box altogether so it does not get entangled with the gemstone setting.

Home Cleaning Technique

An important part of taking care of your ruby pendant is to give it a regular wash. Well, you don’t have to follow the routine rigorously like you do it for yourself. But yes, your rubies deserve to feel fresh and alive at least once every month and that’s acceptable if you wear it often, right? So what do you need to do for this? Well, if you want to clean your rubies at home only, then a warm bath in a soap solution will do the needful.

All you need to do is prepare a mild soap solution in a bowl of lukewarm water. Now, gently clean your ruby pendant with a soft brush or a wet cloth, removing dirt and impurities around the prongs. Rinse the jewelry in running water or in a bowl of clean water. Lastly, rub the pendant with a dry lint-free cloth and keep it aside until it completely dries, it’s that simple. Now you can either wear your real ruby pendant instantly or store it in a jewelry case.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Technique

Those who don’t wish to take any chances with their natural ruby pendant can go to their jeweler and ask them to clean it with an ultrasonic cleaner. But not every ruby qualifies to be left in the care of an electronic cleaner. What we mean to state is that if your rubies are fractured or have been treated for color or clarity enhancement then you should better ditch ultrasonic treatment for a home cleaning procedure.

Are you wondering why is that so? Well, it’s because electronic cleaning equipment uses extremely high pressure to clean the jewelry which might break away gemstones that are already fractured or treated with oil for concealing the fractures.

Ruby jewelry stored in a jewelry box

Regular Jewelry CheckUp

Take your ruby jewelry for a regular checkup with a trusted jeweler or the one you purchased your jewelry from. They will not only clean your jewelry thoroughly but will also guide you on its proper maintenance. Meanwhile, the jeweler will also look out for any loose settings and metal plating, if required, and will fix the same for you so your real ruby pendant seems as new as a new one.

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