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Endless Love...


By Shobana SPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
Endless Love...

A PASSIONATE KIS..,,,,,Max and Lucy both love each other but couldn't say. Max was so stylish, handsome and a charming guy when Lucy who was an orphan from her childhood.....was simple, innocent and an adorable girl. Although Max was so smart but he can't express his love for her. He decided to confess his love without any hesitation. So he called her for a lunch." Hey... Lucy are you free today ? If you are free then go to lunch. Actually I have to tell you something. Something important."

Umm...yes, I'm free. But what do you want to say, tell? You can tell her also." She said eagerly

"Nope..... I won't tell on phone. You have to come. I will be waiting for you in Hotel Paradise.... Please come..."

"Ok ok I will..." Then she went to ready. She finished her bath, wore his favourite colour dress and went out.

At Hotel Paradise.....

"Hooo....when will she come? Today I will tell you Lucy, what I feel for you. I can't wait more, please come fast." he thought.

She arrived there and searched him. Suddenly she saw him sitting on a corner and kept looking at his watch. She went near him. Hy Max... why you call me like that. What happened. Any problem? You can share with me."

Then he said with a shaking voice...." nothing. Means something. I'm saying.''

"Tell... why are you talking like that? Are you ok?"

"Ya ya I am ok. I'm ok. That.... I want to say...I... I... Let's order something first."

Lucy was wondering...what he is doing. Why he behaves like that, "Ok."

Then they ordered some food and ate. Max started to say, "Lucy.. I want to say something to you. I don't know you will like it or not. That... will you be my lifeline ! I love you....."

"What.....! (she acted like she doesn't know anything. As she didn't want this relationship... But in actual she wanted him too she had known that Max was loveing her. She also..) What are you saying? We just are friends. How could you say.."

He became sad and felt guilty for his..." It's ok. No problem. Haah... Thank you for coming and I'm sorry. Let's go, I will drop you."

She went with her. He dropped her off at her home. He was feeling literally uncomfortable that day with her. He couldn't see eye to eye.....

He was leaving to come.... But suddenly there was heavy raining. It was mansoon.....She told him to stay sometime in her home, until the rain stops He was not agreeing, but he had to.....

He was completely drenched... She gave him a dry cloth to wipe his body. He wore only a towel. She saw him like this. She was totally shocked" ufff......he is so handsome."

"Are you staring at me ??" He said.

" I don't....."

"Then what were you doing?" He said with a deep voice.

I was searching something here Leave it. I am going to downstairs you come... "She was going......

"Listen..." He said, "you don't really love me? You don't have any feelings for me!"

"No... "She said with a shaking voice

Then he came close to her. She went back." what are you doing? Don't come ahead. Goback. Stop...." she said.......

Suddenly he came near her and ignoring her picked up his watch. "I was taking my watch. Saying this he was leaving from there. Suddenly she said, " Max..."


Lucy went near her and touched his lips slowly and said "I love you... I accept your proposal."

Suddenly he grabbed her hands and pulled her to the wall. Then he started to kissing her. He kissed her very passionately... Their hearts were beating fast. Now they could feel their heartbeat also.... Then he gave a marriage proposal to her. She became happy and agreed with it. They were drowing in the rain of love.... The rain had stopped but they hadn't........


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