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Destination Wedding Guide To Make Your D-day Memorable

Outdoor Wedding Decorations

By Syed AtifPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
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India is a country that has so many combinations of rich cultures and heritages when it comes to the matter of a wedding ceremony. India is a mixture of various communities for which the country contains a lot of rituals, traditions and aspects of a wedding ceremony. The place of a wedding is undoubtedly one of them.

Some people tend to select conventional weddings whereas some people love to arrange out-of-the-box ideas such as destination weddings. When it comes to the matter of destination weddings, oftentimes people get confused with the theme and decoration.

If designed and executed properly a destination wedding can be extremely elegant and enjoyable for both the guests and the bride and groom. Keep reading this article to get an idea about how can you make your outdoor wedding decoration thrilling and praise-worthy. Below are the ideas that you can hire to have a destination wedding.

The Grand Marigold Decoration

For any wedding, all the rituals take place on the stage or mandap. So mandap is an integral part of any wedding decoration and what could be a better choice than a marigold to be the central component of any mandap decoration?

If your marriage is going to take place in a huge open space and you are intended to do something colourful, luminous and amazing, then a combination of pink and orange marigold decoration can be a spectacular idea for your Amanda decoration.

Floral Canopy Decoration

Not everyone can possess a huge space for arranging a massive flower decoration for their wedding ceremony. For them, the floral canopy decoration is an accurate choice.

You can arrange an exquisite flower canopy as the wedding mandap especially if you own a small indoor space for your wedding. You can use simple, elegant flowers like roses, tulips or orchids for this decoration.

Victorian-Themed Mandap Decoration

If you wish to execute a destination wedding that would be luxurious, vintage and elegant, select Victorian-themed decoration. To create a proper Victorian environment, the best flower option is none other than a daisy.

Add elements like installations of daisy flowers, cups, pastel shades, macaroons, finger foods and a glass of wine to provide a feeling of a Victorian evening. If you want to conduct your marriage in an out-of-the-box mandap arrangement, this setup would be ideal for you.

Peacock Stage Decoration

The next noteworthy wedding mandap decoration for any destination wedding is a peacock-themed stage decoration. If you wish to do something extremely unique than the regular conventional stage decoration, this could be an accurate option.

You can decorate the mandap with beautiful peacock feathers, suitable flower arrangements, and decorative cloths to create a traditional elegant look. You can take references from flower decoration pictures to get a clear idea about this peacock theme decoration.

White Theme Decoration

White is believed to be the colour that represents piety, innocence, a new start and peace. So to make the new journey of your life ever-cherished, opt for a white-themed decoration. You can arrange the mandap with a complete white flower installation and ornamental cloths to offer gorgeous yet eye-soothing looks.

So these are some of the exciting ideas that can offer your destination marriage decoration a trendy, stylish yet gorgeous look. If you follow these methods, your guests are going to remember your wedding for a lifetime.

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