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Attending a Friend's Wedding in Jakarta

Celebrating Love: A Joyful Occasion in Jakarta

By Barry KowaskiPublished 2 months ago 6 min read

I attended my friend's wedding ceremony in Jakarta in January; this period passed perfectly since the bride and prep looked so cheerful. After all, the single arrangement finally closed with marriage, a consistent bond between the bride and prep.

I met this companion in Cambodia when he played in a band in Phnom Penh with a gathering called Blue Souls. It's been around 15 years, a long time, a long time since we've known each other. Our interest is going unfathomably well, and when he has time together, we do social work in that country.

My companion is from Jakarta, Indonesia, but he spends most of his day working out abroad after completing his music in Jakarta. The countries playing are Malaysia, New Zealand, and Australia. In conclusion, he was respected in Cambodia.

The wedding

In any case, in the final January, he held a wedding party at a church near where he lives; his right hand had been his companion since childhood, and they had been dating for almost ten years. At long last, he cleared out his bachelorette, and they hitched. The occasion was held inside the church and empowered by the priest; the climate was calm and cherished.

During the cruel time, my friend's guardians did not go to the wedding, conceivably since they coordinated their dinner (Pondok Rasa) inside the Philippines; his uncle and near relative acted as his parents.

At the wedding ceremony, the bride's father said the taking after:

I'm around to cry.

We, inside the gathering of individuals, besides said:

We, as well, have to cry ~

After a brief wedding, I saw the groom's eyes.

He must have been fulfilled at that time, right?!

Is each prep like this?

Do any brothers or sisters have any awe-inspiring encounters getting to weddings?

It is my to start with time getting to the wedding of a companion,

So it's central for me!

At the wedding celebration, the bride's work colleagues were to seem, and they looked remarkably inviting to each other; the idealized association between them clarifies this.

You'll unavoidably be able to feel her charm; a companion once said that she and her life accomplice concurred to be a life right hand and companion once more interior the taking after life~

Understanding of Marriage

Each individual incorporates a one-of-a-kind comprehension of marriage. A couple of individuals acknowledge that marriage will address all the issues in their relationship. Heartbreakingly, this state of mind will lead us to have raised wants for marriage. Reality may change from wants after being experienced. Marriage is frequently considered the inverse.

After getting hitched, we encounter genuine life. As regularly as conceivable, several individuals explore inspiration from others to mimic their viable social unions. We must look at the necessities inside the association itself. More self-reflection and preparation to communicate transparently might lead to a marriage veering off from the primary wants.

Marriage highlights a wide-ranging importance. Marriage includes sharing, openness, collaboration in presence, worship, and respect. Why is there no affirmation of shared affection? Within the event that reveres is that because it was introduced for marriage, the strategy would be more complex and sensible. Common adore is deficient. Revere might rapidly obscure amid a struggle as the relationship stream became bewildering and turbulent. Couples must be together and ensure each other to dodge being overpowered by their issues. Both individuals must have a strong relationship with the following control to establish acceptance and accountability in making a pleasant family.

Talking this way does not mean I have a more profound understanding of marriage. After about five long years of being in a relationship, I was on the skirt of marriage, which is demonstrated. Our relationship is exceptionally casual. It might be a suddenly proposed marriage without any exterior influence on our affiliation. With a calm and levelheaded mindset, I can select to consent. Verbalize the words "I do." I have built up a comfortable compatibility with him. The affiliation is so comfy that there's nothing more to ask for. On the off chance, I wanted to know if he was my soulmate or my ideal accomplice. Distinguishing one's soul mate may be a sensation that opposes clarification. We need to outline mettle and depend on our intuition. I am endeavouring to demonstrate it directly. Determinedly tending to whether some person is our soulmate will never yield a conclusive answer.

Back to The Subjects

Let's abstain from looking at the total noteworthiness of marriage in this miniature. Let's describe the story of my friend's marriage once more. In my friend's country, social unions commonly begin with a church ceremony that lasts nearly 3 hours, followed by a visit to the charitable registry office. The length of this preparation depends on movement conditions. The final event is the wedding gathering.

Wedding Reception

The problem is that wedding receptions are generally held the same day after receiving a blessing from the church, but it was a little strange for this friend. It was held in July, perhaps because both parents were busy managing their restaurant in the Philippines, or maybe both parents had to see a good day, and this also happens often, even though it is a little strange.

However, all of us and our friends are still waiting for this wedding reception.

According to my friend's conversation, he will invite a local band for this special event at the upcoming wedding reception. The venue for this reception is also considered luxurious because it will be held at a 5-star hotel, perhaps because sufficient finances support it.

Below I quote from my friend's conversation:

I hope you are well and in good spirits as you receive this communication. As the days unfold into moments cherished, we, Vincent and Nana, are thrilled to share a significant chapter of our lives with those who've brightened our journey with love and laughter.

Although our hearts united formally in a serene ceremony at church, the celebration of our union is yet to unfold in the presence of our dearest friends and family. Thus, we warmly invite you to join us for a wedding reception, a testament to love, partnership, and the merging of paths in the enchanting dance of life.

Date: July 6, 2024

Time: 6 pm

Venue: Hotel Episode, Serpong

Dress Code: Ordinary - come as you are, with a touch of joy and celebration.

This gathering is not just about marking a day on the calendar but about creating memories that linger, laughter that echoes, and bonds that strengthen. It's about pausing to revel in the beauty of love and the joy of companionship, surrounded by the people who matter most.

Rsvp: Your presence is our gift, and thus, we kindly ask you to confirm your attendance by 6 July to help us make the day as perfect as possible. Please submit your mobile number to the guest management section to confirm your attendance.

A Note on Gifts: While your presence is the only gift we seek, should you wish to honour us further, we humbly request that you consider a donation.

We eagerly await the opportunity to celebrate our love with you, share laughs, dance, and create memories that we'll all treasure. July 6 will reflect the love and friendship we've been fortunate enough to experience, and it would be all the more special with you there.

With all our love and anticipation,”


We are pleased to attend this wedding, which will highlight an entire arrangement of occasions from 9 am till the conclusion. Continuously supplicate for the love birds to have a cheerful advanced life and reliably utilize the express:

"They are inextricably linked as a single material." Therefore, let no one separate what God has connected.. - Matthew 19:6

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