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A Simple Guide to Choosing the Best Wedding Venues in Chester County, PA

by Mark Williams about a month ago in ceremony and reception

Every wedding-related decision you take indeed plays a vital role in your big day's success; however, some have a more significant impact than others. One such decision is your choice of venue.

Wedding Venues in Chester County, PA

You'll need to choose your wedding party's venue wisely, seeing as it possesses the ability to create your event's tone.

While it's often confusing knowing where to start, we've taken the work off your hands by providing you with tricks and tips to help you choose right.

By using this guide, you'll be able to choose the best wedding venues in Chester County, PA.

Tips to Help You Make the Right Choice

Follow these tips closely to help you make the best choice while choosing a wedding venue for your big day.

Guest Count

You've got to decide on how many people to invite or make a rough estimate. Then you can choose a facility that can accommodate the number of guests you're expecting. Some facilities might require that you book ahead of time, between 60 to 90 days. However, seeing as you'll need to drop a deposit depending on the estimated guest count, it's expedient you send in the confirmed guest count within 72 hours before the event.

Simply put, it's best to compile a reliable guest estimate on time to enable you to budget accordingly and pick the right reception spot.

Additionally, ensure that the guest count you provide to the facility three days before the event doesn't change on the wedding day to avoid additional charges.


Knowing where exactly to hold the wedding and its reception is also another critical decision to make. Location is very crucial, seeing as its key to ensuring everyone will attend, including friends and families from across the country.

It'd best to consider elderly relatives that might find it difficult to walk upstairs or even travel far when choosing your wedding location.

Online Research

As you begin to search for the best wedding venues in Chester County, PA, consider doing some online research to help you narrow down the field. You can visit wedding forums and blogs to see different types of venues and their decoration. From there, you can have an idea of how you want your wedding venue to appear.

You can go ahead and narrow down your choice to a few facilities and check for real weddings that had previously occurred there. If you dig well enough, you might discover their vendors and view enough photographs or videos to help you decide.

Things to Consider Before Choosing

The following can make a huge difference when choosing the ideal wedding venue for your big day.

Vendor Restrictions

Some facilities have a preferred vendor list they work with, while others allow the person to use any vendor they like. You've got to inquire from your desired venue manager to know how they operate.

Ask if you'll need to pay a fee if you're using an outside vendor. Similarly, request a discount if you must use their preferred vendors.


Inquire if your wedding is the only event the facility will host that day. This measure is necessary to ensure your guests don't get lost when looking for your wedding venue.


Ensure the wedding venues in Chester County, PA that you choose has enough lighting for the various phases of your wedding day so your photographer can capture all the significant moments.

If you discover the lighting isn't sufficient, you can ask the venue manager to provide additional light or confirm whether you'll provide it.

Ensure to create time and visit those venues. This act is to enable you to see what works perfectly for you.

Don't feel pressured enough to choose the first venue if it isn't exactly what you want. Nevertheless, once you find one that suits you, secure it for your big day by signing a contract.

To save you the stress of spending time checking various venues, we recommend Penn Oaks Golf Club. Its breathtaking wedding reception facilities with delightful decors will give you the magical feeling you deserve for your big day. Visit here to see their wedding packages.

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