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A Real Life Love Story

by Hailey Hopkins 13 days ago in ceremony and reception


8-21-2021 Marrying my Love

To tell my love story, I’d have to take you all way back to 7th grade where I met the man of my dreams!

The day I met my husband Trevor was my first day of school in 7th grade I was the “new girl!” Literally the first thing this boy said to me in front of the whole class was “She’s Hot!”

At first I kind of ignored him! He was so outspoken and talked a bunch! But we gravitated towards eachother. He made me laugh EVERYDAY at school, I looked forward to seeing him between classes, he always gave me the best hugs in the hallways at school. Those hugs were the only ones I got most days! My parents were on drugs back then and I didn’t have a great life back at home. School was my happy place. Where my best friend was. He made me smile every single day!

Trevor was the first person to show me what true love was. He loved me unconditionally! He loved my at the time crooked teeth, and my dorky laugh! He told me and texted me he loved me every day multiple times a day! If I could go back to relive our childhood again I would because of how special that time was for us!

Trevor was my best friend for years, when I was about 15 years old we kinda fell off for a while, I was in a very toxic relationship and had my first son with him. At the time I was trying to make it work with someone who would ultimately never grow up and would hold me back from being with the one person I should have been with from the start! I left him and I came back to Trevor hoping and praying we could be together. Unfortunately things wouldn’t work out for us until years from then.

Trevor and I went years without having any contact! But our hearts longed for eachother! We were in relationships that were unhealthy and unwanted. And we both found a way to come back together.

When we started dating before we got married it was like time hadn’t past! The buttflies that I had in my stomach every time he came around were unreal! I had no idea what the feeling of being in love was like until I finally got to be his! We talked on the phone non-stop, we texted until we couldn’t keep our eyes open anymore! We were falling even harder in love then we ever had together.

One of the nights from our first week together I came to his parents house after work. I got off at midnight, I came into the back yard where he had a camp fire. That night we knew we could never be separated! We held eachother so close we kissed so passionately and talked about all the things we wanted to do together! I remember leaving around 5:30 Am that day, and as I was leaving tears were running down my face, Tears of joy! I had never experienced such euphoria in my life! I knew I’d never let him slip through my fingers ever again!

Fast forward a month and a half after we started dating and guess what happened!? We got pregnant with our daughter Kylie! And let me tell you she was everything we ever wanted to complete our family. We have a total of four beautiful kids. And Kylie completed our family in every way! She is a breath of fresh air and it was amazing to bring her into the world with my best friend!

Just 5 months after we had our daughter we had our dream wedding! Trevor and I planned the whole wedding. We even made our own centerpieces together. It really turned out beautifully! We wrote our own vows and we cried the whole time as we spoke them to eachother! The pure love in his eyes as he looked at me was the best moment of my life. I was walking into forever with my best friend that day and I will absolutely never forget it! I love this man and I couldn’t live without him. I need him like I need air to breath. He is my other half and my knight in shining armor! We complete each other. A love like ours comes once in a life time! He is my soulmate. If it were possible to be attached at his hip I would be! I’ll love your forever my husband!

ceremony and reception

Hailey Hopkins

Hi everyone!

My name is Hailey Hopkins! I am a new wife as of 8-21-2021! My husbands name is Trevor!

We have 4 Amazing kids Karson 9, Ryker 6, Paisley 5, Kylie 6 months!

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Hailey Hopkins
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