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A Guide To Choosing Between An Outdoor Wedding And Indoor Wedding

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By Syed AtifPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Outdoor Wedding Decoration

Indian weddings, we all know that is a family affair. It is said that Indian weddings are a marriage between two families. So quite naturally, they tend to be pompous and grand. And you need to make it into that one magical moment that will change your life forever.

Wedding Stage Decorations

When you walk down Memory Lane, you should have those memories etched vividly in your mind. So make sure that you make your fairy tale wedding a happening thing. Get your Wedding Decorations right. But how do you do that?

Of course, why should you worry your head over this when you have those wedding experts and planners all over town? They will guide and help you. But first, you must decide whether you want your wedding to take place in some banquet or do you want it to happen in some Wedding Resorts in Bangalore. Nowadays there are plenty of wedding resorts that allow you maximum liberty to arrange for your wedding to happen in style with that oomph factor.

Mandap Decoration

To decide rightly first, weigh the pros and cons of an outdoor wedding against an indoor one. Select the one which you think is right for you. Sometimes it is better to go by the head rather than by the heart. Every bright side has a dark side to it too. So take the call accordingly.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Outdoor Weddings

The Cost Factor

Outdoor weddings have an advantage in that they already have a natural backdrop. You can choose a beach side wedding, or you can travel up to the mountains for a high up wedding. You can even choose an opulent garden setting that can act as natural Flower Decorations for the Wedding. 

Flower Decorations For Mandap

So the cost of your Outdoor Wedding Decoration obviously goes down. You have the choice of spending that money elsewhere. The natural beauty of an outdoor wedding is enough to make things look perfect and beautiful.

In terms of wedding decorations, not much is needed as compared to an indoor wedding. Outdoor weddings give that aura of largeness and magnitude because of the spaciousness. Just a few pots and bouquets here and there are enough to set the ball rolling for you.

Number of Invitees

With outdoor wedding venues, you can have a lot of invitees to celebrate your day with. Even children will not be a problem then. They can keep themselves engaged by playing in the open while the elders can around socializing and taking pictures.

Wedding Decoration Pictures

But here again, the time of the wedding has a lot to play in the success of outdoor venues. If the weather is bad with rain pouring like cats and dogs or if it is too cold or hot, then outdoor venues may not be a good option.

Indoor Weddings – Its Pros and Cons In A Nutshell 

With an indoor wedding, you can have it decorated just the way you would want it to happen. You can also choose from a plethora of Wedding Decoration Pictures and decide on a theme and get it done accordingly.

Flower Decoration For Wedding

Here your creativity is at its maximum. You can run wild with your ideas. There is no limit to the decorations that you can have. With your creativity running wild, your cost is also spiralling. If you have a prefixed budget then indoor weddings might not be a good option though you can have plenty of Flower Decoration Pictures taken for later reminiscing. 

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