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8 Wedding Planning Hacks to Save Money

A Dream Wedding Without Breaking the Bank

By Sabrina LeePublished 6 years ago 3 min read

One hopes to only have to plan a wedding once in their life. Not only because you’re planning to be wed “'til death do you part”, but because weddings are expensive. As kids dreaming of your fairy tale wedding, we tend to skip over the daunting money thoughts. I mean, who wants the Debbie-downer of maxed out credit cards, debt stress, and bounced checks to ruining their dream day?

Well, worry not, wedding daydreamers – there are several ways to save your wallet while still having the glorious wedding day you’ve always imagined. These eight wedding planning hacks are sure to ease some stress.

1. Plan your big day for a weekday.

Before you scrunch your nose and shake your head in confusion, hear me out. Saturdays are the most popular day of the week to host an event, whether it be a wedding or a themed-party. Higher demand equals higher price for reserving. Most venues keep this in mind, and therefore, price their Saturdays the highest, with Fridays coming in as second highest. If you can live with a weekday or Sunday wedding, you’re bound to reap some discounted rates.

2. Be flexible with the seasons.

Similar to popular days of the week, there are popular wedding months/seasons. The most requested months for weddings and other events (like Proms and holiday parties) are April, May, October, and December. If you live in an area that’s not as scorching as Houston, Texas, the summer months can also range in high popularity. Venues are usually more flexible with discounts and specials in their slower, less popular months. An extra trick to catch these specials is to look back in previous posts in venues’ Instagram and Facebook to get an idea of when they are more likely to offer discounts.

3. Have your ceremony and reception in the same location.

Many venues offer special bundle packages for ceremonies and receptions. Take advantage of these. They’ll save you the travel time and money of booking two venues, traveling between two locations, and the fees of extra reception time or limo/transportation. Your guests will be happy they don't have to travel to multiple places, too.

4. Choose an all-inclusive venue.

When it comes to weddings, the more the least when we’re referring to wedding necessities for one price. There are so many options these days for venues and décor. To raise their percentage of being selected, some venues offer decorations, linens, chargers, and sometimes floral arrangements, all included in their base rental rate. Don’t get stuck on an image in your head and risk passing up on these deals. Make a new image with the items you’re being offered at no extra charge.

5. Use more faux floral than real floral.

I know, I know, real floral arrangements are absolutely beautiful. And they smell really nice, too. But faux flowers are usually less stringent on your bank account, and can look just as beautiful when arranged properly. Some are very deceiving, and can trick you into thinking they’re real as well.

6. Simplify your décor.

Glamorous doesn’t always mean extravagant. Of course, we all love the weddings covered in flowered walls and ceilings, giant arrangements on every corner, and aisles of petals, but it’s not all needed. Tables centered by small arrangements and candles with the right touch of color and glassware can be just a beautiful. You can even throw together some simple pieces on your own to make for an original, stunning, affordable room.

7. Do your hair and makeup yourself, or by a friend.

Skip the hair and makeup designer and practice some styles on your own. Pinterest is your best friend when it comes to finding a do that’s simple, beautiful, and cheap, too! If you’re not the best at managing your own hair or makeup, trust a more cosmetology-creative friend to help.

8. Hire a Wedding Planner.

Did you think I wouldn’t add this one to the list? I’ll say it forever – an experienced Wedding or Event Planner is always a good idea. We specialize in bringing your dream day to reality based on your needs. That means your budget, your preferences, but our (more experienced, proven results) way.

Using these hacks is sure to save you some bucks, possibly even thousands of dollars. Hiring a Wedding Planner also increases the number of hacks that could be useful for you. Having a smaller budget doesn’t mean you have to give up the day you’ve always imagined. Just keep your imagination open, trust the professionals, and stay flexible!

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