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5 Tips for Hiring the Perfect Wedding Celebrant

The wedding day is a sweet, memorable day, but when it comes to the workload, it could be overwhelming too. You are occupied all the time and do your best at par.

By Lauren WilliamsonPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

The wedding day is a sweet, memorable day, but when it comes to the workload, it could be overwhelming too. You are occupied all the time and do your best at par. It could be the flowers, or the wedding photographer, or the venue; you have to be perfect and within the budget.

Amidst all these tasks, hiring an experienced wedding celebrant authorizes your wedding and is a crucial task.

Checking out local wedding celebrants

The best way to find a good celebrant is to check out local ones. The celebrant should have a robust reputation, past work history and ratings. Ask for references from your friends who have recently got married. Similarly, you can surf the internet for regional contact lists, websites and other details. Shortlist a celebrant based on the experience level and list of qualifications.

Check the client testimonials

It is essential to check the credibility and reliability of shortlisted celebrants through testimonials. It is the best way to know what the previous clients are saying about their experiences. Someone must be impressed with the friendly attitude or must be happy with the reasonable charges.

Go through the profiles of shortlisted celebrants

Please note that the celebrant should have a web presence. A website, social media handles – this is necessary for this digital age to know more about the celebrant services. When a celebrant has an interactive website, it shows a lot about credibility. Similarly, you can seek an understanding of their services, charges, experiences of previous clients easily.

We also recommend not believing completely in online media as it could be biased. If you find any contacts of the previous clients, then personally check with their experiences. First-hand information always helps; so we feel even a simple telephone call will do the job.

Check the availability beforehand

Popular and best-reviewed celebrants have multiple weddings booked on the same date. Hence, you are supposed to notify your wedding day much in advance. Also note that the celebrant should arrive on your wedding day at the right time, without making your guests wait.

Often, couples look for time availability and ignore the emotional energy level of the celebrant. If he/she has been to numerous weddings, then it is obvious for the celebrant to be exhausted during your event. So, go for a professional at MarianaP Conventions who has fewer deadlines and more mental energy to be cheerful on your big day.

Determine the wedding type before you choose the celebrant

Another important point to be noted while selecting a celebrant is to know your wedding type. So, before you shortlist the best celebrants, ensure your wedding type has been decided. Once you have visualized your wedding ceremony, discuss the same with your celebrant and design the whole day. You could be wanting a themed wedding, or a modern one, or a minimalist one, your aspirations need to be clear and precise.

Ensure that the celebrant officiates the wedding

As you are about to finalize the celebrant, get it written in a valid format. Note down all the details such as date, fees, service charges, conveyance and others. Get a copy of the contract before you sign the same and go through it carefully. If your requirements have been changed, you need to inform the celebrant quickly and get it amended on paper.

Agreements entered orally do not stand any legal binding or significance. Hence, be alert when you are finalizing the appointment with a celebrant. Both the parties should be justified.

So, make your wedding day great with the right celebrant. A lot of research and vigilance will help you in making the process easier.

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