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4 Tips For Saving Thousands On Your Wedding Day

by Sid Mark 9 days ago in ceremony and reception
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And if you’re getting married soon but looking to save, then I’ve provided a few helpful tips on how you can get started without breaking the bank.

4 Tips For Saving Thousands On Your Wedding Day
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For an event that only lasts a few hours, weddings can be incredibly expensive. Not only is it just the ceremony, but all the moving parts that come with it, especially with how much younger people are supposed to fork over the total bill. And if you’re getting married soon but looking to save, then I’ve provided a few helpful tips on how you can get started without breaking the bank. Check them out below:

Don’t Be Afraid Of Being Unconventional

If you’re going to take saving on your wedding seriously, then you need to be unconventional with your approach and open to new ideas. Although I’m not suggesting you go out of your way to be frugal, you’d be surprised at what you can find via either repurposing or by analyzing from a different angle. For example, the average wedding dress goes for around $1,564. When looking for bridesmaid dresses and other formalwear with a large price tag, consider looking at sorority dresses and other alternatives that could save money and look just as nice. If you’re looking to capitalize on this style, then looking at your necessities first and foremost will be crucial.

Start by listing out what exactly you’re going to need for your wedding, as well as how you and your significant other can help. From there, start to dive through what you all consider necessities, including how many different sources you can contact. While it might not be perfect, this practice can help cultivate a list vendors that provide more variety, so take your time in embracing it as a key use. The wedding is about you and your significant other, so go out for the items you both want on your wedding day regardless.

Tackle The Big Ticket Items

Another important aspect of saving quite a bit is tackling the big-ticket items, which can be much more difficult than you might consider. Although most people assume that they’re going to get married in a specific type of venue or setting, actually locking down that spot can be an entirely different ball game (especially for a reasonable price). And if this hasn’t been a consideration to you, then it needs to be an item that’s priority.

Sit down with your significant other and start hashing through what type of items you’d like to include at your wedding, as well as where they stand in terms of hierarchy for you. For example, as noted by WeddingWire, with the average venue costing around $5,400, this is one item that while it might be a top priority, could be cut down quite a bit in price. Try to find something that’s unique to both you and your significant other, as that’s going to be one of the most crucial pieces to why you go with it. Because while it’s great to be unconventional, that also comes with being a defining trait of you both in a day you’ll remember forever.

Be Conservative With Your Guest List

Although it can sometimes be harsh to hear, being a little bit more conservative with your guest list is an unfortunate reality some of us have to face when it comes to getting married. As noted by Bustle, with the average guest list coming in at around 120 people, paying for their dinner and drinks at your wedding can add up, especially if you’re inviting people left and right. However, that’s why it’s essential you and your significant other sit down and hash out who exactly is getting invited and why.

To begin, make a list of the “must haves” for your wedding, which includes the family and friends you’ll rely on for help. From there, set a hard cap on who can be invited further, giving you each an even number of who you can individually invite. Although this might sound harsh, it’s also a necessity if you’re looking to save, as an overloaded guest list can be a killer to your budget. Plus, while it might be true some people aren’t invited to the wedding, that doesn’t necessarily mean they can’t enjoy the reception or other ceremonies, which can be a good way to loop those in that didn’t quite make the list.

Don’t Forget About About The Honeymoon

Finally, if you were to ask any newlyweds what part of their wedding they wish they spent the most time on, they’d most likely say their honeymoon. As noted by TripSavvy, with the average honeymoon costing around $4,466, this can be one of the more expensive vacations you go on, which is why you need a saving plan to go with it. Work with your significant other on where you want to travel to as well as how you’re going to save forward, as having a successful honeymoon is crucial. After all, this is your chance to celebrate a new life with someone, so embrace it as something to remember forever.

What are some strategies you’ve considered to save on your wedding day? Comment with your answers below!

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