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2022’s Most Trending Wedding Flower Decoration Inspirations

Flower Decoration For Wedding

By Syed AtifPublished 6 months ago 3 min read
Wedding Stage Decorations

Nothing beats the simplicity and glamour quotient of flowers when it comes to wedding decorations. Flowers excel in all aspects; right from their power to ace up every type of space to their lingering aroma in the air. Over the years, there the best flower decorators in Bangalore have given their best to keep their wedding decorations over-the-edge. However, wedding decoration has undergone a massive change recently.

But when you are planning a wedding decoration for someone very close to you, you have to keep up with the latest trends to keep the compliments flowing and the celebration grander. Here is a list of all the best trending wedding flower decorations.

Trending Wedding Decorations To Bookmark Right Now

Of the numerous wedding flower decoration ideas, here is a list of all the trending ones that you might consider.

Floral Aisle For A ‘Bollywood-Like’ Bridal Entry

Who is a crazy fan of a dreamy floral wedding décor? We all love watching wedding venues decked up in flowers. But to walk down a floral aisle is something you mightn’t have heard yet. They make for the most glamorous and colourful carpets ever. The flower wedding decoration Bangalore has undergone the newest and latest makeover and it isn’t limited to suspending garlands anymore.

There are far better ways of introducing flowers into weddings and laying them out on a pretty floral decoration aisle surely seems to be one of them.

Go For Divine Cascading Ceilings With Floral Decoration

It doesn't matter whether it is about the wedding entrance ceiling, a stage ceiling, aisles or even the mandap, the cascading ceilings are way beyond draping decoration. The cascading ceilings make up for the trending flower decoration idea.

Cascading ceilings with conventional marigolds and Mogras can be the perfect option to dazzle your wedding venue. well. Not only are they perfect for daytime weddings but for evening outdoor wedding decoration as well.

Trending Mandap Decoration For The Best Most Pin-Worthy Wedding Photographs

From canopy-style mandaps to traditional mandap decoration Bangalore, the fresh floral decoration can add that extra oomph that you need. Floral mandap not only looks extravagant in photos but comes with a plethora of design possibilities. You can use the floral branches to add some natural whimsy or you can also combine various types of flowers and leaves for a refreshing look.

A Floral Wall For The Best Selfie-Space

Floral walls are now every Indian wedding staple, given how guests love clicking a dozen photographs against a good backdrop. Go for traditional Mogra and marigold to elevate the look of floral walls to several heights. You can also use floral walls as your main entrance decoration or as a wedding stage decoration. Floral walls look the best and are turned into various striking floral arrangements with a combination of different flowers.

Let Your Creativity Wild With Ornamental Floral Decoration

Indian weddings are always synonymous with grandeur, opulence and elaborate rituals. That said, even your floral decorations should be on point as well. How about creating some larger-than-life striking ornamental figures like trees, lotus, elephants and peacocks? Use iridescent flowers to decorate striking figures and install them at various places to complete the theme wedding decorations.

These refreshing wedding flower decoration ideas are best for both summer and winter wedding parties. If done well by a professional wedding decorator, all of this decoration can ace up the overall look of your wedding venue.

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