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Wife and leader socialize until late at night, husband comes to the door

by Kuranda 2 months ago in how to
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Husband finds wife in convulsions after she fails to return late at night

Wife and leader socialize until late at night, husband comes to the door
Photo by Nastuh Abootalebi on Unsplash

Wife and leader socializing late at night, her husband found her twitching after looking for her

In the workplace nowadays, women are still in a relatively disadvantageous position and are sometimes treated unfairly. Therefore, it is well worth the attention of women in the workplace to consider their relationship with the company.

Front desk job, eager to perform

Ms. Guam works as a receptionist in a company, because she is new to the job and does not have much experience, she can only do those relatively simple tasks. But Miss Guam's heart is still very strong, she also knows that she has little room for development in this kind of work.

Therefore, Miss Guam's heart is very much hoping to have an opportunity to let their performance, if there is an opportunity in front of her, she will certainly do whatever it takes to prove themselves.

The front desk staff is usually young and pretty, and Miss Kwan is no exception. Miss Kwan's looks are very clean, her body is also very slim, and her smile is also very charming, giving people a deep impression at first glance.

In general, Miss Guam has been diligent, and never negative work, the company's leadership is also recognized for her ability to work. At the end of the day, Miss Guam was organizing things and preparing to go home. The leader suddenly came up to her and said that there would be a dinner party in the evening and wanted Miss Kwan to accompany her.

Opportunity knocks

At this point, Miss Guam thought this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and if she could perform well tonight, there was a good chance she could make it to the top. She, therefore, took the occasion very seriously and even put on delicate make-up.

After arriving at the function, Miss Guam met many leaders, and her position was undoubtedly the lowest, so she needed to come and toast these leaders often. And these leaders do not bother to care about her drinking and have not been shouted at to stop.

Before long, Miss Guam felt a little dizzy and her consciousness became blurred. But to get herself promoted, she kept going. In the end, the leaders were satisfied with her performance.

Women who drink

Finally, the social occasion was over and everyone was ready to disperse. At this point, Miss Kwan said she had had a bit too much to drink this evening and was already drunk and wanted to go home early to rest. But her boss did not agree to her request, saying that Miss Guam can still hold on and let her go to KT V for them a little longer.

As a junior staff member of the company, she did not dare to rebel against her leaders and had to make a compromise, and eventually followed them to a KT V, where she had to drink again, and in this way, Miss Guam was once again plied with alcohol. In the end, she was so drunk that she was unconscious.

Miss Kwan, was already a married woman, and now it was early in the morning and her wife had not returned home, so her husband was very worried at home. And he also made a point of calling Miss Kwan dozens of times, but all were unanswered.

Drinking almost lost his life

In an emergency, he found the KT V according to the last location his wife sent him, and after pushing open the booth, he found his wife alone inside the booth, and she was lying on the sofa, her face very red. There was no doubt that Miss Kwan had had too much to drink.

Seriously, the wife's body also kept twitching. The husband saw and rushed his wife to the hospital, and after several hours of resuscitation, Miss Kwan was thankfully out of life-threatening condition.

Waiting for Miss Guam to recuperate after the wedding, the more the couple thought about it, the angrier that something so big happened, almost life-threatening, and the company did not even react at all. Not caring about Miss Guam's health, they also intended to go to the company theory.

But her leaders said that drinking so much alcohol is Miss Guam's behavior, and they did not force it, it is clear that they have set aside the relationship. For this answer, Miss Guam's heart is undoubtedly very angry, if not for the company, how could she toast so much wine?

In the course of the theory, the two sides got into an argument, and the matter got bigger and bigger, and the company came up with four thousand dollars as compensation to settle the matter. But this did not let the couple extinguish their anger, but more irritated.

Because almost Miss Guam might not wake up, just based on these four thousand dollars to try to get rid of themselves, they firmly opposed the company of this belittling approach. But this time the company did not make concessions either.

What was even more outrageous was that after compensating Miss Kwan with four thousand dollars, they even dismissed her. In retrospect, Miss Guam had done so much for the company, with no credit but also hard work, but was so easily dismissed. In desperation, the couple decided to use legal means to defend their rights. Drinking has become the norm in socializing, and it seems to have been assumed that drinking can negotiate business. However, this does not mean that one has to go on a drinking spree, as a light drink can also facilitate a partnership.


If Ms. Kwan did have an accident at this social gathering, then the company will certainly have a unshakable responsibility. It is also hoped that everyone will have a deep knowledge of their alcohol consumption to prevent unnecessary injuries.

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